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Wednesday, 9 January 2019


Man Running at Marathon Event     During the Cold weather we all worry about immunity how to keep it up and to avoid the infamous Cold and Flu.So there is such a thing which can boost immunity and at the same time save from the hassle of suffering from cold and flu.
A number of studies conducted to find out the things that best boosted the body's ability to fend off illness,Exercising regularly secured the first position.Turns out being physically active and exercising regularly are the most important factors to reduce the number of days that suffer from Cold and Flu.
                                             EXERCISE FOR BOOSTING :
To reap the workout benefits for health,light aerobic activity like cycling and jogging should be done for about 30-60 minutes in a day which will increase the circulation of white blood cells and flu-fighting cells,according a study.This study shows that after 75 minutes of continuous exercise,a body spikes the cortisol level throwing immune system out of whack.That is why in this case less is really more.
                                             The circulation of the immunity boosting cells slow down to pre-workout levels three hours after completed workout.So it is important to do cardio,strength and weight training to maintain muscle mass and keep away those unwanted weight during the winter season.
Man Riding Bicycle on City Street

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


Two Women Planking At The Seashore                                                                                                               According to experts exercising 2-3 times in a week may reduce the symptoms of depression and schizophrenia.They suggest that a structured physical activity regime can complement standard medication and Psychotherapy to better treat mental health conditions.
                           Researchers found that exercise can effectively reduce mental health symptoms,improve cognition and strengthen cardiovascular fitness among patients with depression and schizophrenia.Exercising 2-3 times in a week about 150 minutes,reduces symptoms of depression and schizophrenia and improves cognition,cardiorespiratory health in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.Combining aerobic with resistance exercise to improve outcomes for individuals with schizophrenia spectrum disorders and major depression.
                           Physical activity has a central role in reducing the burden of mental health conditions in people with depression and schizophrenia.
                           It is now time for professionally delivered physical activity interventions to move from the fringes of healthcare and become a core component in the treatment of mental health symptoms.Long term outcomes and full recovery among people with mental illness are often poor,even for those receiving appropriate medications.People with mental illness also experience very poor physical health and drastic physical health inequalities,which lead to this population dying up to 20 years prematurely.Signs and Symptoms of premature cardiovascular diseases can be identified early in the disease course of mental disorders,when patients are in their 30-40 years.
                          Research study provides evidence that physical exercise plays a great role in reducing cardiovascular conditions and improved physical health with fitness.

Wednesday, 26 December 2018


Fitness man and woman exercising squat exercise hands behind It is hard to find time to go the gym and workout for an hour due to busy schedules.Here the way which no need a lot of space and time to do this exercise and will helpful for total body workout within only 10 minutes,declared by fitness expert.These are as following :-
1.HIGH KNEE JUMPS :- For this easy exercise,stand straight with your feet hip-width apart,place your palms in front of you,hovering just over your belly button.and start bringing your knees up alternatively so as to touch them with your palms with about 50 reps as quickly as you can.
2. WIDE AND NARROW SQUAT :- Stand straight with your feet and fist clasped,bend down the way you would in a normal squat and when you get up,rise with your right leg a little wide apart and bend down again.Then come back to the first position to do this on the other side,repeat it 30 reps.
3. ALTERNATE TOE TOUCH :- To perform this,stand straight with your feet apart and hands straight out on both the side,bend and touch your left feet with your right hand and come up.Then touch right feet with left hand with repeat of 30 reps.
4. MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS :- Get on your fours with back and legs straight,hands right below your shoulders,start moving legs the way you did in high knee jumps,with repeat of 50 reps.
5. BEAR CRAWLS :- Get down on your fours with your arms straight,exactly like you would in a downward dog position,start crawling forward with your feet at the same place and hands moving forward one by one.Then come back to the first pose and repeat 10 times.
6. PLANK JACKS :- Take the plank position with your elbows on the ground,open your legs wide apart with a jump and close them with speed and repeat it 20 reps.
7. FLUTTER KICKS :- To perform this lie down on the floor with your back straight and hands by your side,lift your neck,shoulders and head a little up the way.Start moving your legs alternatively as high as you can.Repeat it at about 25 reps.
8. CRUNCHES :- Lie down on your back with your back straight and hands by your side,take your legs straight up and bend them from the knees making a 90-degree angle,clasp your hands behind your head and curl up come forward so that your neck,head and shoulders lift off the floor.Gently pull your abdomen inward.Hold on at the top and get back gently on the floor with repeat of 25 reps.
People doing sit ups in gym

Monday, 24 December 2018


Woman Wearing Brown Sequin Dress Laying on the Bed    Getting up before the sun has many perks,that is why Benjamin Franklin told,THE EARLY MORNING HAS GOLD IN ITS MOUTH,means long dawn.The reasons which will convince you to get up early in the morning are as follows :-
         1.BRIGHTER WORLD :-  Getting up early in the morning insists you with positivity.Research has suggested that people who got up early in the morning were happier,not just for a short duration but overall in life.
2. BIGGER SCORES :- Students who were early risers scored better grades than those who were late to rise.Their GPAs were higher than the latter.One can link it to an enhanced productivity and quality of sleep.
3. MORE PRODUCTIVITY :- Early rising gives a kick start for the day ahead and allowing more hours for work,it also boosts speed.When a man gets up early,he is more time to do a task that would take more time otherwise.He is also more adept in taking better decisions,planning and achieving goals.
4. REDUCES STRESS LEVEL:- The very significant benefit of early rising is reduced stress level.When you get up early,it eliminates the need to rush in the morning.You can then start your journey of the day on an optimistic note and such positivity often stays with you throughout the day.
5. BETTER SLEEP QUALITY :- EARLY TO BED EARLY TO RISE.The early risers go to bed early.Getting up early is not something that should be followed irregularly but it needs to be established as a routine in life.This translates in to better sleep quality clock adapts to your new sleep routine.

Sunday, 23 December 2018


;Women Performing Yoga on Green Grass Near Trees                                   Power Yoga is very fast-paced,popular among youngsters for the adrenaline rush it gives instead the traditional form of yoga.Power yoga helps in building stamina and helps in losing weight instantly.
                          WHY POWER YOGA?
The answer is as follows :-
1. Flexibility :- Power yoga because of the aerobatic energy it exudes,takes flexibility game to the next level.
2. Enhances Concentration :- It is known to improve the ability to concentrate in human beings and also sharpen their memories.After a quick power yoga session,the mind is in a relaxed state,which in turn allows the brain to function at a lightning speed and give undivided attention to the things that matter.
3. Power to Endure :- There is always a limit to what minds of a person and bodies can endure.If you want to push your boundaries,physically or otherwise incorporate power yoga in to your daily routine.
4. Power Yoga Makes Sleep Well :- Power yoga really intense and is a perfect blend of stretching the body and relaxation for mind,which helps in getting proper sleep at night.
5. Pose Correction :- Although power yoga is fast-paced and filled with energy,power yoga is a great way to correct one's traditional yoga poses.So if you have been doing it wrong all this while,you know what to do to make things right.
Man And Woman Doing Yoga     

Friday, 21 December 2018


High Angle View of People on Bicycle    It is found from a research study that those who exercised and consumed fruits and vegetables,low fat diary products,beans,nuts had greater improvements compared to health education controls.
Cycling or walking is a good exercise.Only 35-40 minutes of cycling or walking three times a week along with a healthy diet can improve cognitive skills in older adults.A study that published in the journal Neurology,which examined the effects of both diet and exercise on cognitive skills.For the study the team included 160 people with an average age of 65 and randomly assigned them to one of the four groups,DASH diet alone,aerobic exercise alone,both DASH diet or health and aerobic exercise which consisted of educational phone calls once every week or two.
The team of research found those who exercised and consumed the dietary approaches to stop hypertension diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables,nuts beans,whole grains,lean meats,low-fat dairy products had greater improvements compared to health education controls.
                                      The results are encouraging that in just six months,adding regular exercise to their lives,people who have cognitive impairments without dementia improve their ability to plan and complete certain cognitive tasks.
Grayscale Photography of People Walking Near Buildings

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Surprising Exercises That Burn Maximum Calories In Minimum Time :

Group of People Doing Marathon    The study of the Center for Disease Control declared that 150 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every week or 75 minutes of vigorous activity is important for a person to even Maintain The Weight That You Are Currently In.No doubt you may mix the two and aim at creating a balance between the two.Here are the exercises that can burn maximum calories in minimum time as follows :-
1. RUNNING AND CYCLING :- Both of these can help in burning lots of calories.If you are running on a treadmill or cycling on a cycle at the gym,make sure that you do it suitable speed and resistance to be able to help you burn calories.
2. SWIMMING :- It helps the people with knee troubles can resort to swimming for burning calories and weight loss.Slow freestyle laps for around half an hour can burn as much as 255 calories in one session.The breaststroke or butterfly stroke can burn over 400 calories in half an hour.
Person Swimming in Body of Water
3. CROSS FIT WORKOUT :- It involves different routines everyday in order to maximise the number of calories burn in a day.Here includes both aerobic as well as weightlifting.It is a highly effective fitness regimen for weight loss.

Woman Weight Lifting
4. ZUMBA AND AEROBICS :- Zumba and aerobics are essentially dance-based workouts that can help in burning around 250 calories or more in a span of half an hour or more.

Men and ladies dancing zumba
5. MARTIAL ARTS :- It is just like a form of training which can improve overall fitness and help in burning lots of calories.In fact it is quite an exciting and empowering form of fitness.
6.POWER YOGA :- This yoga is done at a comparatively faster pace and can help in burning calories for weight loss instead of traditional yoga.It includes more demanding yoga in more number of reps to be done at a faster pace.