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Wednesday, 31 January 2018


You have probably heard all about the keto diet, the fitness trend the world can't seem to stop.To stop talking about and rightly so,because if the keto diet can help this dude lose 4kg in 10days, then it is obviously your best solution for how to lose weight.While keto  diet has been around for a while now,interest for this unique weight loss technique has surged only over the past couple of months.
                    Basically,the keto diet is known to put the body in a constant fat burning state because of its low curb rule.
                    As per recent research,it torches ten times more fat then the standard American diet does even with minimal or no exercise.
                    The main reason why the keto diet actually helps you lose weight is because it helps achieve your weight loss goals.
                     Although the functioning of the keto diet may seem fairly simple,there is still a lot of confusion about what the keto diet exactly comprises,what is acceptable and what is not.So here are five keto diet myths busted by experts that everyone who wants to follow the keto diet needs to know about,in order to be able to decide whether it is good for you or not and to help you cope with it as well as lose weight out of it.
                      KETO DIET myths you need to know about :
                      1. Keto diet is a high-protein diet.
                      2.Ketosis and ketoacidosis are the same thing.
                      3.You can consume any types of fat.
                      4.Your brain can function at its optimum best without carbs.
                      5.The diet is a long term solution.
As per researchers the keto diet is popular for quick weight loss but its recommended not to continue for more than a few weeks at a time. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Diet and Fitness

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When it comes to claims that high intensity interval training [HIIT] gets rid of fat and build muscles it seems like every second headline these days is selling the benefits of HIIT.Amid claims that it's an express pass to losing weight,building muscles and increasing aerobic capacity.It appears as though there's nothing that HIITcan't do.
                                                Defined as workouts that high intensity exercise followed by equal or slightly longer periods of recovery.HIIT was first lauded for offering improvements in cardiovascular fitness similar to workouts that took twice as long.
                                                 There is a Caveat:HIIT demands exercisers workout at 90-100 percent of maximum effort.That means exercisers need to push their body to its physical limit each and every interval.This "lots of pain;lots of gain"approach to exercise isn't meant for everyone.In fact;during the early days of HIIT;research there was a caution that it might not be safe for anyone unaccustomed to intense exercise and it was definitely out of bounds for the obese and those trying to manage chronic disease.
                                                But in the last few years there has been more talk that HIIT shouldn't be limited to helping the fit get fitter.New research suggests the time efficient benefits of HIIT can still be gained by performing intervals that aren't quite as demanding as first proposed.Instead of 30 second intervals executed at an all-out sprint like intensity intervals of one to three minutes at closer to 80 percent of maximum effort followed by up to five minutes of lower intensity exercise are now considered effective HIIT workouts.
                                                  We are talking about workouts relative to one's own level of aerobic fitness.For the unfit that would mean repeated bouts of fast walking followed by easy recovery intervals versus the Usain Bolt -like sprints that are more typical associated with HIIT.
                                                    What types of benefits are talking about?
                        Several studies have confirmed that HIIT workout improves cardiovascular fitness as effectively or more effectively than moderate intensity workouts that typically take twice as long and there is little doubt that the health benefits associated with improve fitness reduced risk of heart disease and metabolic disorders are also a byproduct of HIIT.B ut how does it measured against some of the other claims associated with this so called "miracle"workout.Does it get rid of unwanted fat and build muscle?In these two areas the jury's still out a recent meta analysis done by a team of French researchers investigated the effect of HIIT workouts on total abdominal and visceral fat on non athletic subjects.The results showed HIIT to be effective in reducing fat in overweight or obese subjects but not in so called "normal weight" exercisers.It also indicated that HIIT sessions involving running were more effective at reducing abdominal and visceral fat than cycling intervals.Also noteworthy is that higher intensity HIIT sessions were more effective at reducing overall fat stores.                        While lower intensity workouts were better at decreasing abdominal and visceral fat.
                                              A final word of caution: Even though HIIT workouts are now considered safe for an increasing wider range of Canadians,those with uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension or with a history of cardiac events should stick with more moderate intensity workouts unless cleared by their physician.   

Thursday, 25 January 2018

How To Start Exercise Without Any Equipment

Any one can start freehand exercise in an open air i,e,outdoor or indoor as he/she likes without any equipment.To do it some habit must be created by oneself. such as one must get up early in the morning and go out to an open field or indoor stadium.First and foremost run for a while to warm up the body and then take a walk for a few minutes.After that stretching up the whole body.                       
             Here are some Tips to start.
             1. GET ACTIVE:
                                         Start small.Don't sign up for a 30day fitness challenge that you can't maintain.A-30 minute walk around your neighbourhood or running in garden will make a difference.
                 SEEK QUALIFIED TRAINER:
                                                                            Find a qualified specialist to train you up to transform your body in a right determination.This will be very very helpful to your destination.Be confident and keep trust yourself that you must do it in a properly.
                                                                                      Never take any tress during exercise and negative feeling be positive dynamic.Do exercise with verities ages people and not to be hesitate before anybody.Do as it like you do.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How To Start Running In Your Day To Day Life

How To Start :-Running Provides Numerous Health, Such As Strengthening Your Cardiovascular
System, Burning calories, Improving Mood And Decreasing Stress Levels.If you Properly Prepare
For Training, Start out At a Low Intensity And Gradually Increase Your Workload TO Give your Body Time To Adapt, You Will Build Your Cardiovascular Fitness And Soon Be Able Run Longer  
And Faster.
Prepare For Training:- Before You Start Running Store And Get Properly Fitted For Shoes.Most
Running Stores Will Analyze Your Running Technique And Suggest Shoes That Provide The Type Of Support You Specifically Need. Next Schedule Time For Your Runs, Fitting In There Running
Workouts Per Week With a Day Off For Rest Between Workouts.Tracks And Grassy Fields Are
Quality Surfaces To Run On Because Day Absorb Some Of The Impact, Reducing The Stretch On
Your Hips, Knees And Ankles And Streets In your Neighbourhood Is a Convenient Option. If You
Prefer Work Out Side,You nCan Run On a Treadmill, Before Its Run Take Ten Minutes For a Dynamic Warm up To Walk For Five Minutes And Then Do The Knee To Chest Stretch,The Walking Quad Stretch, Straight Legged Kicks And Walking Lunges .
Starting Out:-Begin Your With Walk-Jogs .Walk Jogs Involve Alternating Between Bouts Of Walking And Running. Jogs For Two Minutes And Then Walk For One Minutes, Continuing In
This Manner For a Total Of Twenty Minutes. Its Ok If Your Are Initially Unable To Run Nonstop
For Two Minutes, If You Need To Adjust Your Walk-Jogs So That You Running For One Minute
Period And Walking For Two Minutes Periods.Your, Lungs, Circulatory System, Muscles And Bones Will Eventually Adapt.