How To Start Exercise Without Any Equipment

Any one can start freehand exercise in an open air i,e,outdoor or indoor as he/she likes without any equipment.To do it some habit must be created by oneself. such as one must get up early in the morning and go out to an open field or indoor stadium.First and foremost run for a while to warm up the body and then take a walk for a few minutes.After that stretching up the whole body.                       
             Here are some Tips to start.
             1. GET ACTIVE:
                                         Start small.Don't sign up for a 30day fitness challenge that you can't maintain.A-30 minute walk around your neighbourhood or running in garden will make a difference.
                 SEEK QUALIFIED TRAINER:
                                                                            Find a qualified specialist to train you up to transform your body in a right determination.This will be very very helpful to your destination.Be confident and keep trust yourself that you must do it in a properly.
                                                                                      Never take any tress during exercise and negative feeling be positive dynamic.Do exercise with verities ages people and not to be hesitate before anybody.Do as it like you do.

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