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Friday, 23 February 2018

Health and Welbeing

Fitness And Yoga
The benefits of exercise for over 50s are enormous,and can greatly improve quality of life as well as reducing the burden on a health care system staring down the barrel of increased costs from an ageing population.
It is the concept of training your body in a functional way to improve joint mobility,release tight muscles,strengthen weak one's,and better equip your body for the strains of everybody living,we seem to care more and more about the quality of our everybody living and how exercise may affect it.
               YOGA climb up the list,it was named by fitness.People are looking for more mind and body,and practice that does both.Instead of power of yoga,it's yin yoga,and instead of HIIT training it's LISS training-low-intensity steady state.
              People are a bit fried and burnt out.They are doing more yin and go,it's ok to go for a walk and focus more on my recovery side of things.People are finding they are getting as good,if not better results and less injuries and felling better to they are not guilted in to five HIIT sessions a week.
              It is not a revolt to HIIT but people are starting to do balance more-balance in their training,balance in their nutrition.
              Perhaps it helps to explain the downswing in tech-based fitness and the upswing in other types.We live in a tech heavy world,where many of us sit at a computer or our phones all day.When we get opportunity to workout,it's a chance to escape and reconnect,whether we HIIT it out of our system,stretch it out with yoga or connect with other real life humans in a group environment.They are vastly different approaches to getting fit but in their own way they all get the heart started and perhaps,together,help bring the balance back to fitness and our lives.
                The benefits of yoga are proven to increase the body's flexibility,muscle strength and athletic performance,along with improvements to your cardio and circulatory health and protection from injury.The stretching and breathing exercises relax both body and mind,something which TAG Heuer is setting out to achive with their latest sporty collection of time pieces.
                On the yoga mats, the workout session has intensified from holding triangle poses,standing with feet about apart,with toes turned out to 90 degrees with one arm reaching for the sky,to a bridge pose-a ticker position holding the torso off the mat with knees bent and directly over heels,for one minute.
                Five Benefits Of Circuit Training Workout :Team work :Circuit training caters for people of all fitness levels.You can train with three or four friends and do exercises at different speeds.
                TONE UP :Circuits are crucial to add to your programme.Training more than one muscle group during these sessions allows you to see quicker results.Lowering the weight with more repetitions will also help you to lean up.
                  Excellent off season workout :If you do the same training all the time,you'll get bored.It is difficult to stay motivated when you are constantly going through the rigorous of the same intense workout.Circuit training is a great way to maintain your fitness levels and overall health and can also keep you in tip top shape when your sports session over.
               Sessions are fast: High intensity circuit sessions are short and sharp,meaning you could complete a grueling session in 40minutes.Rest periods are short too,which helps you to push yourself and get the most out of your training.
               Reduce injury: Most training injuries come from overuse and circuits are a great way to prevent overuse without putting too much stress on the muscles.Making a comprehensive programme that uses all the muscles will help you to prevent injuries as your focusing on all muscle areas rather than neglecting certain groups.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Health and Beauty :

Five trends that will transform beauty in 2018.When it comes to beauty,two heads or teams-work better,than one.Meanwhile,the popularity of non invasive skin procedures skyrocketed,and a smattering of fantastic new technologies many hailing from South Korea-earned legions of fans,and then,of course,there was the launch of Rihanna's LVMH- backed beauty brand,Fenty,which single handedly changed the conversation around inclusively in beauty.
K-beauty will make room for J-beauty :Demand for K-beauty shows no signs of slowing down,thanks to the increasing traction of the "glass skin"trend -think skin that looks eerily translucent.However,K-beauty is poised to face some stiff competition from J-beauty."So much of what is exciting in K-beauty originally stemmed from Japan"explains Anna-Marie Solowij,former British Vogue beauty director and co-founder of niche retailer Beauty Mart,"with a struggling economy and South Korea investing in beauty R&P,K beauty stole the limelight.Now with Japan's economy recovering,it will reassert itself.
"Natural"will give way to "clean".The term "clean"is not to be confused with "natural".a term widely criticized for its ambiguity,"products and brands 'free of' harmful ingredients are considered 'clean', Jensen explains that includes silicons,parabens and sulfates "many natural brands inherently do this,but a brand can be 'clean' without being 'natural'.
Your beauty regime will be simplified : While the Korean influence may still be fulling the birth of a new beauty categories-essences ampoules,overnighters 2018 with that is all about simplification.Expect to see convoluted malty step skin care processes eschewed in favour of malty -purpose products.
Products will fight pollution: The next wave of skin aggressors on everyone's radar are thanks to pollution,so expect to see anti-pollution skin care ranges multiply brands are also working on products that combat other environmental "skin stressors" including air conditioning and heating,captive bacteria and blue light of our computer screens.
Brands will be more inclusive: Issues across the political,economic and religious spectrum -from Trump in America,to Brexit in Europe,the nuclear threat in Asia and continued strife in the Middle -East-have caused us to take a close look at diversity and inclusively making them major focal points of 2017.
The launch of  Fenty beauty Rehanna's all -shades included brand bodily led the beauty conversation.While the formidable reach of the LVMH backed superstar can not be denied.


Wednesday, 14 February 2018


1. MURPH CROSSFIT WORKOUT: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michale Murphy developed this sequence consisting of a 1mile run,100pullps,300 squats,and another 1-mile run,all done while wearing a weighted vest.
2. TABATA WORKOUT: Fat frying,scorching,intense,belly-fat-blaster: Tabata gets all the best descriptors.Originally developed as a way to train speed skaters,the workouts combine high intensity training with short rest periods. Although you can change up the exercises done in a set,the standard is to do four or five options for example,20second intervals each of jump squats,burpees,jumping jacks,and lunges will 10second rest periods between each.The 2-1 ratio of work to rest means your heart rate stays high,making it a great routine for frying fat.
3.TRX WORKOUT: Deceptively innocuous-looking and simple design,TRX suspension straps for many gyms and home setups for a reason,they provide a full-body workout in hurry.The suspension effect takes away your usual stabilization,making your core work much harder.You can also play around with greater range of motion than you'd get in non-spider-man mode.
4. BURPEES EXERCISE :It is one of the most demanding body weight exercises you can do.The quick movements give you a cardio boost,while the pushups and jumps build muscle,and its all done with no equipment.
5. HIT WORKOUT :Tabata is actually a form of high intensity interval training,with focused exercises in short bursts-followed by brief rests,as a way to get your heart rate up and keep it there for the duration of your set.These workouts are intense,so do them two or three times per week.
6. OBLIQUE WORKOUT :Everybody want to be a lean,defined oblique.Those are the muscles that run along the sides of your core,and are responsible for help stabilizing your spine when you rotate.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Interval training and Group classes:

The top fitness trends for 2018:
High -intensity interval training will be the No.1 fitness trend in the coming year,such training known as HIIT,typically involves short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery:intermittently sprinting for 30seconds,for example,during a moderate pace jog.
                 150minutes of moderate activity or 75minutes of vigorous activity each week with additional muscle strengthening exercise for adults and 60minutes a day for children.So if you step it up a little bit and get your heart rate up and move from,say,walking to jogging,it decreases to 75minutes per week.         HIIT is a worthy way to meet your physical activity guidelines.There is a caution with that,Anytime you do high intensity anything there may be an increased risk of injury.
                 If you doubt your ability to safely exercise in high-intensity bursts,get a good physical exam before starting a program.
                 This year's survey,which include responses from 4133fitness professionals around the globe,placed "group training"-classes involving more than five participants-in the No2 slot.Meanwhile,"wearable technology"-such as activity trackers and smartwatches-came in the third,and "body weight training"-the use of your own body weight as a form of resistance while doing modified pushups and other exercises come in the fourth."Strength training."or the use of barbells and weight,placed fifth.
                  Finally,Yoga remains in the top 10 position.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Running : Its 30 convincing Reason.

Running is one of the best butt-kicking,calorie-busting workouts around.Following are the 30 reasons why we should run.
1. Do it anywhere :Run where you like,treadmill or in the park.
2. Make new friends : Check out local running groups.
3. Save some cash: Forget fancy equipment or a pricey gym membership.When it comes to running all you need is the right footwear.
4. VISIT THE DOCTOR LESS: Apples are not the only things that keep the doctor away.Active people are less likely to develop colon cancer.Ladies who regularly engage in intense workouts like running can reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 30%
5. Eat more carbs: During intense training,increasing carb intake can help your performances and boost your mood during harder runs.
6. Keep it interesting: Interval training helps boost metabolism and cardiovascular fitness.
7. Live longer: Not only do runners have fewer disabilities and remain active longer than their sedentary counter parts but they actually live longer too.
8. Get primal: We are born to run.Running turned us from apes to human being and was used by our ancestors to elude pray.
9. Feel the burn: For a 160-pound person,running can burn more than 850 calories an hour.
10. Bring sexy back: Regular exercise and running helps to bring sexy back and flexibility.
11. Boost memory: It has been shown to help keep the mind sharp.
12. See the sunny side: Active folks see the glass as half-full,even after they are done sweating.
13. Get a natural glow: A solid sweat session can also boost natural oils,keeping things fresh and healthy.
14. Improve self-esteem: Runners who ran outside and snagged a good view of nature showed increased self-esteem post workout than those who had only unpleasant senses to gaze at.
15. Stay steady: Older runners keep their balance better than non runners,protecting their knees and tendons in the process.
16. Turn down the pressure: Running is a natural way to keep high blood pressure at bay-and fast.It can help lower blood pressure in just a few weeks.
17. Build stronger bones: The street running might help produce stronger bones.
18. Get an energy boost: Just one run can increase energy and decrease fatigue.
19. Take your furry friends: Dogs are man's best friends for a reason and they can be man's best workout buddy too.
20. Strengthen that core : A strong core improve posture,strengthens limbs,and helps make everyday activities a breeze.
21. Sleep better: Runners should adapt to set sleeping to keep high performance.Better running encourages higher quality sleep.
22. Do it year-round: You can rack up the miles.Temperatures still not just right.
23. Jump out to speed up: Pop in headphones when running to increase speed,get a little energy boost.
24. Check off those goals: People who set long term fitness goals are more committed and satisfied with their exercise routines than those who trudge along aimlessly.
25. Show your heart some loving: People who run for just an hour a week can reduce their risk of heart disease by almost half compared to non runners.
26. Run stress away: Not only does running boost the brain serotonin level,regular exercise might actually remodel the brain,making it calmer and more stress resistant.
27. Be one with nature: Try minimalist sneakers or nothing at all.
28. Increase stamina: Running regularly will improve stamina making workouts more enjoyable and productive.
29. Get there faster: Try a jog around the neighborhood.It will burn more calories in the same amount of time.
30. Sound like a pro: Get in the know with the list of running lingo,Ready,set run.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

How to maintain a healthy lifestyle :

1.Keep yourself Hydrated :
A.Water makes up for 2/3rd of the body and performs important functions like acting as a solvent carrier of nutrients,temperature regulator and body detoxifier.
B. Consuming enough water increases vitality and energy levels,including mental alertness.
C. Aim to drink around 4-5 liters water a day to keep your body hydrated all the time.
2. Eat mindfully without any Distraction :
[a] In our fast -paced world,there is a tendency to do stress eating.
[b] Avoid eating when distracted,eat slowly,take your time and do not over eat.
[c] chewing your food thoroughly helps in digestion and you also get to enjoy every bite you take.
3. Walk Regularly:
[a] Aerobics and including something as uncomplicated and low impact as walking is associated with a variety of benefits for the body and the brain.It also includes,reducing the risk of chronic disease,anti anxiety and mood enhancing efforts.
[b] Aim for a total of about 60 minutes of brisk walking everyday.
4. Get Enough Sleep:
[a] Sleep has the ability to optimize mental and physical energy.Getting enough sleep is known to reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve longevity about eight hours a night.
[b] One simple strategy that can help ensure you get a good amount of sleeps to go to bed early.
[c] Getting in to bed by 10pm or 10-30pm ensures you get enough sleep which also benefits you in the long run.
[d] Shutting down the Computer or turning off the TV early in the evening is often all it takes to create the time and space to sleep early.
5. Stay away from drug, alcohol and Tobacco:
[a] Avoid all kinds of addiction like drug,alcohol or tobacco for a healthy and disease free life.
Following the above mentioned tips one might maintain the healthy lifestyle.
Moreover I hope these hacks are easy for you to implement and maintain.
Do not forget to keep yourself and your family insured as a health policy always acts like a cushion against sudden medical expenses.For information on various health policies and features,please visit the health website.
Trust on yourself be strong be healthy keep physically and mentally fit

Friday, 2 February 2018


Possible diet,exercise,and wellness trends of 2018 healthy foods,gyms :here's a look at the possible diet,exercise and wellness trends this year.
Mindful eating and alternative workouts are set to be the buzzwords of 2018,judging by the health foods and fitness concepts that are trending at home and globally.Nutritionists,physical trainers and wellness experts help us round up seven such trends in diet and fitness this year.
Alternative Workouts :
From open air gyms in public parks to pole fitness,there is an attitudinal shift towards what defines a workout.
The gym is no longer the go to place for fitness buffs :"Pole which is trending worldwide is a sport and an art.It strengthens and gives great definition to every muscles in the body while building an iron core."
Meanwhile,regular at public parks would have noticed open air gyms being installed there.From senior citizens to youngsters,all age groups now have free access to equipment with civic bodies across the country setting up such gyms in parks.
While it;s a great boost towards getting fit.
Rishabh Telang,master trainer at Cult,fit,a chain of premium fitness centers started by tech start-up Cure,fit,has one concern,"The downside may be lack of guidance.If you have a good coach it's totally worth it and if not,you can download fitness app/tutorials and learn all kind of body weight exercises through DIY fitness modules,"Telang says.

Thursday, 1 February 2018


One of the hardest parts of winter running is simply getting out of bed and out the door.As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning the mental discussion begins :Get up or sleep in?Run or day off?Likewise it is also difficult for those who run in the evening to get out the door after work in the dark and cold.
Its hard to run in darkness foul weather and cold temperature but as the saying goes when the going gets tough,the tough get going.
Winter running is the time to develop your mental toughness and up your game.Finishing a run under miserable weather circumstances is an incredible confidence booster and it will help get you out there next time.
The winter and dark running season calls for a shift in your workout perspective.Rather than focusing on the physical,like distance and peace,the winter can be a great time to focus on the mental aspects of running.Clearly defining your primary goal for your running will help you determine your winter training plan.Then you can apply some of the tips listed below to help you achieve that goal.
1:Consider using a three-day-a-week training plan.Run outside just three days per week to minimize time outdoor.You can opt to supplement this running with cross training indoors two or three times a week.
2:Register for races.Use local shorter races for short term motivational goals.
3 :Recruit a running partner,whether a friend or your dog.
4 :Remind yourself daily of your goal.
5Commit to be fit.
6 :Make a "bad weather plan"
7 :Always prepare your clothing and workout bag the night before.
8 :Run in the morning.
9 :Plan rewards.Prepare some rewards for yourself,both short and long term.
10 :Invest in the right running clothes.Wear a suitable suit during running that is be comfortable as you wear.