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Health and Beauty :

Five trends that will transform beauty in 2018.When it comes to beauty,two heads or teams-work better,than one.Meanwhile,the popularity of non invasive skin procedures skyrocketed,and a smattering of fantastic new technologies many hailing from South Korea-earned legions of fans,and then,of course,there was the launch of Rihanna's LVMH- backed beauty brand,Fenty,which single handedly changed the conversation around inclusively in beauty.
K-beauty will make room for J-beauty :Demand for K-beauty shows no signs of slowing down,thanks to the increasing traction of the "glass skin"trend -think skin that looks eerily translucent.However,K-beauty is poised to face some stiff competition from J-beauty."So much of what is exciting in K-beauty originally stemmed from Japan"explains Anna-Marie Solowij,former British Vogue beauty director and co-founder of niche retailer Beauty Mart,"with a struggling economy and South Korea investing in beauty R&P,K beauty stole the limelight.Now with Japan's economy recovering,it will reassert itself.
"Natural"will give way to "clean".The term "clean"is not to be confused with "natural".a term widely criticized for its ambiguity,"products and brands 'free of' harmful ingredients are considered 'clean', Jensen explains that includes silicons,parabens and sulfates "many natural brands inherently do this,but a brand can be 'clean' without being 'natural'.
Your beauty regime will be simplified : While the Korean influence may still be fulling the birth of a new beauty categories-essences ampoules,overnighters 2018 with that is all about simplification.Expect to see convoluted malty step skin care processes eschewed in favour of malty -purpose products.
Products will fight pollution: The next wave of skin aggressors on everyone's radar are thanks to pollution,so expect to see anti-pollution skin care ranges multiply brands are also working on products that combat other environmental "skin stressors" including air conditioning and heating,captive bacteria and blue light of our computer screens.
Brands will be more inclusive: Issues across the political,economic and religious spectrum -from Trump in America,to Brexit in Europe,the nuclear threat in Asia and continued strife in the Middle -East-have caused us to take a close look at diversity and inclusively making them major focal points of 2017.
The launch of  Fenty beauty Rehanna's all -shades included brand bodily led the beauty conversation.While the formidable reach of the LVMH backed superstar can not be denied.



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