Possible diet,exercise,and wellness trends of 2018 healthy foods,gyms :here's a look at the possible diet,exercise and wellness trends this year.
Mindful eating and alternative workouts are set to be the buzzwords of 2018,judging by the health foods and fitness concepts that are trending at home and globally.Nutritionists,physical trainers and wellness experts help us round up seven such trends in diet and fitness this year.
Alternative Workouts :
From open air gyms in public parks to pole fitness,there is an attitudinal shift towards what defines a workout.
The gym is no longer the go to place for fitness buffs :"Pole which is trending worldwide is a sport and an art.It strengthens and gives great definition to every muscles in the body while building an iron core."
Meanwhile,regular at public parks would have noticed open air gyms being installed there.From senior citizens to youngsters,all age groups now have free access to equipment with civic bodies across the country setting up such gyms in parks.
While it;s a great boost towards getting fit.
Rishabh Telang,master trainer at Cult,fit,a chain of premium fitness centers started by tech start-up Cure,fit,has one concern,"The downside may be lack of guidance.If you have a good coach it's totally worth it and if not,you can download fitness app/tutorials and learn all kind of body weight exercises through DIY fitness modules,"Telang says.

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