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The benefits of exercise for over 50s are enormous,and can greatly improve quality of life as well as reducing the burden on a health care system staring down the barrel of increased costs from an ageing population.
It is the concept of training your body in a functional way to improve joint mobility,release tight muscles,strengthen weak one's,and better equip your body for the strains of everybody living,we seem to care more and more about the quality of our everybody living and how exercise may affect it.
               YOGA climb up the list,it was named by fitness.People are looking for more mind and body,and practice that does both.Instead of power of yoga,it's yin yoga,and instead of HIIT training it's LISS training-low-intensity steady state.
              People are a bit fried and burnt out.They are doing more yin and go,it's ok to go for a walk and focus more on my recovery side of things.People are finding they are getting as good,if not better results and less injuries and felling better to they are not guilted in to five HIIT sessions a week.
              It is not a revolt to HIIT but people are starting to do balance more-balance in their training,balance in their nutrition.
              Perhaps it helps to explain the downswing in tech-based fitness and the upswing in other types.We live in a tech heavy world,where many of us sit at a computer or our phones all day.When we get opportunity to workout,it's a chance to escape and reconnect,whether we HIIT it out of our system,stretch it out with yoga or connect with other real life humans in a group environment.They are vastly different approaches to getting fit but in their own way they all get the heart started and perhaps,together,help bring the balance back to fitness and our lives.
                The benefits of yoga are proven to increase the body's flexibility,muscle strength and athletic performance,along with improvements to your cardio and circulatory health and protection from injury.The stretching and breathing exercises relax both body and mind,something which TAG Heuer is setting out to achive with their latest sporty collection of time pieces.
                On the yoga mats, the workout session has intensified from holding triangle poses,standing with feet about apart,with toes turned out to 90 degrees with one arm reaching for the sky,to a bridge pose-a ticker position holding the torso off the mat with knees bent and directly over heels,for one minute.
                Five Benefits Of Circuit Training Workout :Team work :Circuit training caters for people of all fitness levels.You can train with three or four friends and do exercises at different speeds.
                TONE UP :Circuits are crucial to add to your programme.Training more than one muscle group during these sessions allows you to see quicker results.Lowering the weight with more repetitions will also help you to lean up.
                  Excellent off season workout :If you do the same training all the time,you'll get bored.It is difficult to stay motivated when you are constantly going through the rigorous of the same intense workout.Circuit training is a great way to maintain your fitness levels and overall health and can also keep you in tip top shape when your sports session over.
               Sessions are fast: High intensity circuit sessions are short and sharp,meaning you could complete a grueling session in 40minutes.Rest periods are short too,which helps you to push yourself and get the most out of your training.
               Reduce injury: Most training injuries come from overuse and circuits are a great way to prevent overuse without putting too much stress on the muscles.Making a comprehensive programme that uses all the muscles will help you to prevent injuries as your focusing on all muscle areas rather than neglecting certain groups.

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