Interval training and Group classes:

The top fitness trends for 2018:
High -intensity interval training will be the No.1 fitness trend in the coming year,such training known as HIIT,typically involves short bursts of high intensity exercise followed by a short period of rest or recovery:intermittently sprinting for 30seconds,for example,during a moderate pace jog.
                 150minutes of moderate activity or 75minutes of vigorous activity each week with additional muscle strengthening exercise for adults and 60minutes a day for children.So if you step it up a little bit and get your heart rate up and move from,say,walking to jogging,it decreases to 75minutes per week.         HIIT is a worthy way to meet your physical activity guidelines.There is a caution with that,Anytime you do high intensity anything there may be an increased risk of injury.
                 If you doubt your ability to safely exercise in high-intensity bursts,get a good physical exam before starting a program.
                 This year's survey,which include responses from 4133fitness professionals around the globe,placed "group training"-classes involving more than five participants-in the No2 slot.Meanwhile,"wearable technology"-such as activity trackers and smartwatches-came in the third,and "body weight training"-the use of your own body weight as a form of resistance while doing modified pushups and other exercises come in the fourth."Strength training."or the use of barbells and weight,placed fifth.
                  Finally,Yoga remains in the top 10 position.

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