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1. MURPH CROSSFIT WORKOUT: Navy SEAL Lieutenant Michale Murphy developed this sequence consisting of a 1mile run,100pullps,300 squats,and another 1-mile run,all done while wearing a weighted vest.
2. TABATA WORKOUT: Fat frying,scorching,intense,belly-fat-blaster: Tabata gets all the best descriptors.Originally developed as a way to train speed skaters,the workouts combine high intensity training with short rest periods. Although you can change up the exercises done in a set,the standard is to do four or five options for example,20second intervals each of jump squats,burpees,jumping jacks,and lunges will 10second rest periods between each.The 2-1 ratio of work to rest means your heart rate stays high,making it a great routine for frying fat.
3.TRX WORKOUT: Deceptively innocuous-looking and simple design,TRX suspension straps for many gyms and home setups for a reason,they provide a full-body workout in hurry.The suspension effect takes away your usual stabilization,making your core work much harder.You can also play around with greater range of motion than you'd get in non-spider-man mode.
4. BURPEES EXERCISE :It is one of the most demanding body weight exercises you can do.The quick movements give you a cardio boost,while the pushups and jumps build muscle,and its all done with no equipment.
5. HIT WORKOUT :Tabata is actually a form of high intensity interval training,with focused exercises in short bursts-followed by brief rests,as a way to get your heart rate up and keep it there for the duration of your set.These workouts are intense,so do them two or three times per week.
6. OBLIQUE WORKOUT :Everybody want to be a lean,defined oblique.Those are the muscles that run along the sides of your core,and are responsible for help stabilizing your spine when you rotate.


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