One of the hardest parts of winter running is simply getting out of bed and out the door.As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the morning the mental discussion begins :Get up or sleep in?Run or day off?Likewise it is also difficult for those who run in the evening to get out the door after work in the dark and cold.
Its hard to run in darkness foul weather and cold temperature but as the saying goes when the going gets tough,the tough get going.
Winter running is the time to develop your mental toughness and up your game.Finishing a run under miserable weather circumstances is an incredible confidence booster and it will help get you out there next time.
The winter and dark running season calls for a shift in your workout perspective.Rather than focusing on the physical,like distance and peace,the winter can be a great time to focus on the mental aspects of running.Clearly defining your primary goal for your running will help you determine your winter training plan.Then you can apply some of the tips listed below to help you achieve that goal.
1:Consider using a three-day-a-week training plan.Run outside just three days per week to minimize time outdoor.You can opt to supplement this running with cross training indoors two or three times a week.
2:Register for races.Use local shorter races for short term motivational goals.
3 :Recruit a running partner,whether a friend or your dog.
4 :Remind yourself daily of your goal.
5Commit to be fit.
6 :Make a "bad weather plan"
7 :Always prepare your clothing and workout bag the night before.
8 :Run in the morning.
9 :Plan rewards.Prepare some rewards for yourself,both short and long term.
10 :Invest in the right running clothes.Wear a suitable suit during running that is be comfortable as you wear.

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