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What kind of people become the victim of DIABETES?
                        Experts report says that people with slim waist circumference and heavy thighs are less prone to DIABETES.People with heavier thighs are less likely to become diabetic.A prediction says ,that DIABETES will be the 7th killer in the world by 2030.
                        Health experts and nutritionists around the world are working on ways to detect the condition early and treat or revers its impact.
                        Diabetes is a group of disease that result in elevated sugar in the blood.There are several factors that can trigger the condition.One of the factors is excessive body mass.People who are overweight or have more mass than their BMI have added pressure on their body's ability to use insulin to properly control blood sugar levels,and are therefore more likely to develop diabetes.
                        Mere diagnosis and treatment of diabetes will prove to be futile and uneconomical unless we identify those at risk at an early stage.For this,we require simple and inexpensive screening tools that can be used easily.
                        We Asian-Indians have larger tummy and thinner thighs and excess abdominal fat making us more prone to diabetes.Researchers found that waist thigh ratio of 2.3 as a cut-off point as predictor of diabetes.Simply put a person having waist thigh ratio less than 2.3 will be at low risk of diabetes and may not require further investigation.
                         Your daily diet and lifestyle habits play an important role in managing and controlling diabetes.There are Five SUPER FOODS that can help stabilize your blood sugar levels :
                         1.METHI DANA :Its contain fiber and help in slowing the digestion process and thus regulate the absorption of carbohydrates and sugars in the body.
                         2.BITTER GOURD :It contains active substances that lend anti-diabetic properties like charantin which is known for its blood glucose-lowering effect and an insulin like compound known as polypeptide-p
                          3.JAMUN : It is one of the best super fruits for diabetics.Consumption of jamun is known to improve insulin activity and sensitivity.
                           4. GUAVA : It may help slow down sugar absorption in your body.It serves as a great mid-meal snack.
                            5. TURMERIC: It regulates the functions of the pancreas and balances the insulin levels in the body.
                           Keep these foods handy to control your blood sugar levels and symptoms of diabetes.
                          With above mentioned foods you should also follow everyday workout in open air like running,jogging,free-hand exercises and fast walking regularly.Make friends by your locality and go out for workout in your day to-day life.It will burn your extra fats and strengthen your body to tone up.Use daily at least 10-12 glass of lukewarm water for burning your belly fats all season.Use light foods instead of hard and heavy foods. Avoid fast food totally and cold drink absolutely.



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