It is tad bit difficult for women to get a flat,flab-free tummy.From starving to exhausting in gym doing ab crunches,it requires a great deal of hard work to get abs you can flaunt with full confidence.And it is more difficult for women because they tend to be wider through the pelvis and have a waist longer than men.Those are reasons why flat and firm abs seem such a distant dream to women.But don't worry because following exercises are considered the best for getting toned and flat abs.
1. PLANKS :It works wonders on your core and the entire body for that matter.Not only do they help in improving posture,but also help in strengthening of neck,back,shoulders,chest and abs.They help in building the deep inner core muscles which are most effective for getting the six pack look.Planks make the abdominal muscles stronger,thus tightening the midsection.The basic planks are done by balancing on your body on your elbows and toes,with back kept straight.You need to hold in the position for as long as possible for optimum results.

2. SIDE PLANKS :It will support your body weight on just two points.Side planks are more challenging as they require more effort from the core to stay stable.Side planks make your back and abs work together in order to keep the spine elongated.You can begin on your left side, putting your elbows below your shoulders and the forearm just perpendicular to your body.Place your feet either one in front of the other or one above the other.Try and contract your abs and lift your hips from the ground as much as you can.The ideal height is when your body forms a diagonal position.You can hold for around 45seconds and repeat on the other side.

3. REVERSE CRUNCH :It helps in strengthening of your abs and fixing your posture.For doing reverse crunches,lie down on the floor with your face towards the ground.Raise your knees in a way that it crunches your abs and pushes your back towards the floor.Make sure that your legs don't co  perpendicular to the floor.
4. BOAT POSE :This exercise focuses on your lower abs and is quite challenging.For doing it ,you need to sit upright on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor.Lean back and balance your body while lifting legs.Extend your arms straight and palms upwards.Your body will form a V shape.Hold in the position for 30seconds for optimum results.
5. ALLIGATOR DRAG :It makes use of your entire core for maintaining stability.It is effective and intense as it combines movements and resistance.For doing it,begin by being in the basic plank position with feet resting on a towel.Walk forward only with the help of your hands.Make sure that your core and glutes are tight as you move forward rest repeat.

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