Let me tell you how to burn extra fats from your body by regular exercise and the routine of healthy foods.
Firstly I am going to discuss about regular exercise : Here are some tips of exercise as following :
1. Start exercise three or four times a week.It is important part of losing weight and maximizing the amount of fats you burn.To achieved the best fat burning results.Start out by exercising for two hours,and 30minutes each week,then increasing it by 30minutes every week combining both weightlifting and high intensity cardio is best way to maximize fat burning.
2. Incorporate strength training in to your workout: Strength training is a great way to increase your muscle mass while burning fat.It can be done with weights,resistance bands,or just using your body weight.Try mixing up strength training that work different muscles,parts in the body.
3. Do more cardio : Cardio is another word for aerobic or endurance activity.Cardio speeds up fat burning also has many other health benefits,including decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease.
4. Running,jogging or walking : If you start out walking,make it goal to work up to jogging,then running.
5. Get more sleep :Adults over 17 should get 5 --7hours of sleep each night and six to seventeen should get 8 --10hours.It deprived or those with sleep disturbances are more likely to be obese than people who get the recommended 5 --7hours.
6. Make small but meaningful lifestyle :Making small lifestyle changes throughout the day will help you your new habits stick.In the end you will have made a positive change to a healthier lifestyle that you will be able to maintain long term.Following are some notable points to you .......
[a]Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
[b]Park in the back of the parking lot.
[c]Start a hobby that involves you moving around,like hiking or biking.
[d]Go to a weekly farmer's market to buy fresh produce.
[e]Start a garden of your own.
Secondly I am going to tell you about foods that you used everyday :
1. REDUCE YOUR TOTAL CALORIES :You lose weight when  you burn more calories then you eat.So the first step to losing weight is eating fewer calories than you take in.
2. CONTROL YOUR PORTION :Many portion sizes served at restaurants or even eaten at home are much larger than should be.Read food labels to find out what  an appropriate serving size should be if you want to eat something without a label,check the American Dietetic Association Food Exchange list for proper serving sizes.
3. EAT MORE HEALTHY FATS AND FEWER UNHEALTHY FATS : The types of fats you consume can impact whether your body chooses to burn fat or store it.Healthy fats like unsaturated oils should be the primary fat source in your diet.Cook with olive or canola oil instead of butter or lard.Other sources of healthy include nuts,seeds,avocados,fish,and natural peanut butter.Don't eat anything that has trans fat or lists the words "partially hydrogenated"in the ingredients list.You should avoid saturated fats as much as possible,limiting them to less than 10%of your total calories.
4. REDUCE OR CUT OUT PROCESSED FOODS : It goes through some type of processing in a factory and are usually found packaging.Often they are higher in fat,sugar,and salt that can prevent you a lot of the nutrients found in whole foods.
5. GET MORE FIBER : Carbohydrate that our bodies can't digest.It has many health benefits,including keeping your digestive tract healthy and keeping you feeling fall longer so you don't overeat.Fiber is found in whole grains,fruits and vegetables,and nuts and seeds.Eat 25 --30grams of fiber each day with plenty of water.
6. DRINK MORE WATER: It is a major player in weight control which helps flush metabolic waste out of your system,keeping your metabolism running high to quickly full,so you don't overeat.The adequate intake for men is 3liters of water each day while woman should drink 2.2liters per day.
N.B:If you take part in high activity exercise or cardio during the day or live in a very hot climate,you may need to increase your water intake.
7. EAT MANY SMALL MEALS THROUGHOUT THE DAY : Instead of eating three large meals each a day,eat six smaller ones.Your body can process fat better in smaller amounts,resulting in less excess food being stored as fat.This can also steady your blood sugar levels and improve your absorption of Vitamins and minerals.

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