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Make your shoulder wider by these exercises :

Everyone want to to be a wider shoulder holder because it makes anybody look and feel more confident and helps in boosting mood.Most people usually prefer wider shoulder because they make you look more proportionate.They widen the appearance of the upper body and give an inverted triangle shape with a narrower waist .
                         Athletes usually have wider shoulders.They make you appear more square them round and stronger because there's lots of muscles mass in the upper body.Having wider shoulders makes it easier for one to fit heavy objects and play sports.They also reduce the incidence of injuries while exercising.
                          Generally,you should stand up straight in order to improve the appearience of your shoulders.In order to improve your posture,you can open your chest and draw shoulders back downwards towards your spine.Not only does this make you look and feel more confident,but also helps in boosting your mood.
                           Here are some exercises which can help you achieve wider shoulders :
1. LATERAL RAISE :For doing it,hold dumbbells on the side and bend a little forwards and make sure your back is flat.Slowly lift the weights up to your shoulder level.Bend your elbows slightly and tilt your hands forward while doing this exercise.Hold on position for a few seconds and lower your arms back down.Do 3 -4sets of 10 -15 reps.
2. DUMBBELL FRONT RAISE :For doing dumbbell front raise,stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand.Put your hands in front of you and palms facing downwards.Do not move your body and lift dumbbells up and lower them down your elbow should bend slightly.Raise your hand until they are slightly higher than a parallel level to the floor.Pause for a few seconds while raising and then slowly lower your arms down.You can do it 16 -20 reps for 2 -3sets.
3. 45-DEGREE INCLINE ROW :Incline a bench to 45 degrees and lie on your stomach.Put your hands down straight with a dumbbell in each hand.Squeeze your shoulder blades together as your bend your elbows while lifting your arms.The upper arm should be perpendicular to the body.Pause when at top of the movement and slowly lower down to the starting position.You can perform 6-12 reps for 2-3 sets.
4. OVER SHOULDER PRESS :For doing it stand up straight with dumbbells or a barbell in your hands.Hold the weight above upper chest,while placed a little wider than shoulder width.Raise weights straight up towards the ceiling and keep your elbows drawn in.Maintain strength in your core,slowly lower the arms down to come back to the starting position.Do 2-3 sets of 5-8 reps of  this exercise for optimum results.


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