Diary,chicken,meat and eggs are not the only  sources of protein.There are many other vegetarian sources of protein,you can feast on.Vegetarians could have access to protein-rich sources as well.When we think of proteins in general,we think of food items like eggs,chicken,meat and diary.But this is just a myth.There are many other sources of protein which are good enough to meet the needs of vegetarian people.If you concerned about meeting your protein requirement as a vegetarian,relax,there is a wide variety of meet less sources of protein ypu can feast on to fulfill your requirements.Following are the rich protein for vegetarians............
1.Tofu and temph :These two originate from soybeans and are rich source of proteins.They provide your body with all the essential amino acids it needs.From burgers to soups to chilly you can use these two ingredients to prepare anything.Tofu is prepared by pressing bean curds together in a process similar to cheese making and temph is prepared from matured soybeans.Tofu does not have any taste so it absorbs the flavor of the ingredients it is cooked in.Temph,on the other hand is blessed with a nutty flavor.A100gram serving of these two contains 10-20grams of protein.
2.Lentils :One cup of cooked lentils contains 18grams of protein.Include them in your soups,salads or delicious dals and relish its flavor,it does end here,lentils offer50%of your daily fiber requirement.Lentils are rich in fiber which promotes the growth of good bacteria which is essential to gut health.
3. Nuts :Nuts and nut butter are a great way to fulfill your protein requirement.One ounce of nuts contains approximately seven grams of protein.All you need is a handful of almonds,walnuts,peanuts and cashews ad you're good to go.You could also feed on nut butter.Basically,anything which is rich in monounsaturated fats and lowers the bad cholesterol levels is good for you.You could have them as it is,roast them or add on cereal or oatmeal.Thanks to their high protein content,nuts promote weight loss as well.
4. Chia seeds :These are another protein-rich source vegetarians could feed on 35grams of chia seeds contain 13grams of fiber and six grams of protein.Besides,these are rich in iron,magnesium,calcium,selenium and omega 3fatty acids.They easily absorb water and can be used in smoothies or in backed foods.
5. Amaranth and quinoa :Like most other grains,amaranth and quinoa are grains which do not grow in grass.Both of these are in rich source of cooked amaranth and quinoa contains 9grams of protein and the best part is that they are both complete proteins.Besides,protein they are rich in phosphorus,magnesium,iron,fiber and complex carbs.

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