Aloe-vera is known as the king of medicinal plants. Such other plants are the most important role in our day to day life.These are as following..........
1. First and foremost,ALOE VERA,the king of medicinal plants.It holds water in its fleshy leaves which is why it can sustain in extremely dry conditions as well.So,growing aloe-vera in your garden will not require you to take extra care of the plant every now and then.However,it surely can treat a wide variety of health problems.These include,constipation,digestive distress,acne and poor body immunity.
2. TULSI :It is the Queen of medicinal plants.This plant holds immense significance in the Hindu religion,but it has so much more to itself than just religious significance.The strong aroma of tulsi is good enough to keep bacterial growth at bay.It is known for its healing properties,and all it requires for growth is water.Here's a list of the Tulsi :It gives you strength to fight stress,promotes a longer life,treats cough,treats indigestion,anti-cancerand good for hair loss,heart disease,diabetes,etc.
3. MINT :This freshly fragrant medicinal plant serves a wide variety of purposes.From enhancing your mood to treating indigestion,mint can do it all.This plant requires a lot of water to grow.So you must sow its seeds and keep watering it.The best part about mint is its ability to repel pest and insects so your home will be a clean environment.It keeps the digestive system running,boosts immunity,expels cough from the body,enhances mood,benefits respiratory health and keeps mosquitoes away.
4. FENUGREEK :Its another name is Methi.It is wonder amongst  other medicinal plants,and all because of its properties.It is an evergreen plant and both the leaves and seeds are useful.It controls cholesterol levels,curbs hair loss,increase appetite,boosts your excretory system,purifies blood,lowers blood pressure,beneficial for joint pains and diabetes.
1 5. FENNEL :It is a flavorful and aromatic plant which is useful for a wide variety of health problems.In India,people are accustomed to chewing fennel seeds after every meal.It can be grown easily in your garden and does not require much care.It treats cough,controls cholesterol,improve eye sight,cure acidity,prevents bad breath,improves breast milk supply in lactating women.
6. CORIANDER :It is an important ingredient of an Indian kitchen.Its leaves,seeds and powder of the seeds,everything is beneficial for your health.It adds a distinct flavor to your food and has a wide variety of medicinal properties.It prevents the food from spoiling,rich in antioxidants,cures urine retention,improve digestion,regulates your menstrual cycles and treats acne.
7 . GINGER :It is the root solution for a wide variety of health problems.All you need to do is sow the ginger root in your garden and it a few days it will grow in a few days.It does not require much care.It is an important ingredient of Indian food due to its distinct flavor,and of course,its benefits for your overall health.It treats indigestion,eases headaches,controls blood pressure,treats cold,cough,flu and asthma,relieves menstrual pains and cramps.
                    Researchers are now trying to analyze how exactly the extracts of these medicinal plants can be used for treating critical diseases.


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