All kinds of fats are not bad.Along with adding satiety,sustainability and satisfaction fats add the very desirable taste in food.Some healthy fats provide numerous health benefits like lowering bad cholesterol and aiding weight loss.From shiny hair to healthy nails,healthy fats can benefit your body in many ways.Nutritionist mentioned about 3 essential fats which we need to bring back in our diet.Fats perform the essential function of insulating our body to keep it warm.
                     Nutritionist talks about bringing kacchi ghani oil,coconut and cashews with milk back in your diet.Tadka in kacchi ghani oils using oils native to your region can help in bringing out the best of what we eat.For instance,mustard oil is native to north and northeast India,groundnut or til oil is native to central and western India and coconut oil is native to many parts of south India.Some of our native recipes go well only when they are combined to fatty acids and nutrient compositions of oils.People should not jump on the bandwagon of cooking food in oils such as rice bran or safflower only because they claim to be healthy for your heart.Fat-free or oil-free must be avoided under all circumstances.Also,preferring for kacchi ghani or cold pressed oil is recommended because this oil is extracted at lower temperatures.Essential fatty acids,vitamins and nutrients thus remain intact in kacchi ghani oli.
                      Furthermore,cooking food in traditional oils or oils native to the region is good for people suffering from diabetes.
                      Coconut for garnishing or chutney : Coconut is another very important source of fat which we must all include in our diet.It is good for maintaining gut health and also helps in calming our nerves.Coconut plays the role of soothing digestive function as well.Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties make it all the more healthy to be consume regularly.It also good for people who suffer from urinary track infections quite regularly.It can either be used for garnishing or for making laddoos barifs or chutneys.Eating coconut malai or dry coconut with jaggery or peanuts are good ways to include coconut in your diet.
Cashews as mid-meal snack or with milk before going to bed at night.These are rich in essential minerals,amino acids and vitamins.It helps in production of serotonin-which is body's nature sleeping pill.It performs the function of giving a stable and happy mood the next day.Magnesium in cashews help in relaxing the nervous system.Combination of amino acid tryptophan and vitamin B in cashew makes it a natural anti-depressant.Also cashews have vitamin C with makes it a good summer nut.Bringing these fats back in your diet will help in better functioning of the brain and body.
                                      Some health benefits of fats.
[a]These fats help in assimilation of vitamin D and other essential minerals and nutrients in body.
[b]Fats are also required to produce hormones correctly and in the right quantities.Fats help in maintaining the health of joints and nerves.This is especially important for children.
[c]Fats help in maintaining blood sugar levels and reduce cravings for something sweet after a meal.
[d]Lack of sufficient fats in the meal can lead to premature aging of skin.
                                    N.B.The content including advice provides generic information only.Always consult a specialist before use it.

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