The BELLY FAT,or the VISCERAL FAT,is often one of the main causes for heart diseases and diabetes among other lifestyle diseases.So you should lose weight,also consider how to lose belly fat.Following are the most effective ways to lose weight and belly fat.
1. IN YOUR DIET INCLUDE TART CHERRIES : Several health benefits have in cherries.These are good source of antioxidant pigment resveratrol,,a substance that helps you lose weight,lower rates of macular degeneration among older people as well as the risk of dementia.Tart cherries lost nine percent more body fat than those in a control group did over just 12 week.
2. BE INCREASED CALCIUM INTAKE : These calcium -rich foods help you lose weight is because calcium stimulates the fat burning process.The best way to including dairy sources,nuts,seeds,fatty fish and leafy green vegetables.
3. TO LOSE WEIGHT FAST INCLUDE MORE VEGETABLES IN YOUR DIET :Study shows that non starchy vegetables like cauliflower,broccoli and cucumber helped kids who were overweight shed 17 percent of their visceral fat also improve their insulin sensitivity over a period of five years.
4. YOUR MEALS SHOULD BE ADDED SOME ACIDIC FOODS :Acidic foods like vinegar help you to reduce belly fat by increasing the human carbohydrate metabolism by 40 percent,research suggests.The apple cider vinegar is extremely beneficial for your health if included in your routine diet,since it contains a compound called acetic acid which has been proven to reduce abdominal fat storage.So consume 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar per day if you want to know how to lose belly fat fast.
5. :IN YOUR DIET INCLUDE MORE GRAINS : Including more whole grains in your diet to help you burn belly fat faster.Consuming three or more servings of whole grains on a daily basis,could reduce as much as 10 percent of visceral body fat.If too much of visceral fat is accumulated in your risk of chronic diseases like heart disease,diabetes and high blood pressure.
6. ADD MORE FISH : Fish is lower in calories as compared to an equivalent amount of beef or chicken.People who included fish in their diet which contains Omega3 fatty acids,shed more weight and maintained it easily as opposed to those who didn't.
7. CONSUMED MORE GARLIC WITH YOUR FOOD :It act like a strong flavor that enhances the taste of your food,also helps lose belly fat.Those who were provided with a high-fat diet supplemented with garlic,lost significantly more weight and fat around their abdomens as compared to the mice that just consumed fatty food,also improve their liver health.
8. :NUTS SHOULD BE CONSUMED MORE :Nuts are high in fat but they could prove to be extremely effective in helping you lose belly fat.The participants who consumed a rich diet of mono-saturated fats in the form of healthy nuts over a period of 28 days,experienced to their counterparts who consumed saturated fats also improved their insulin sensitivity in the process.
9. : BRING IN SALSA,DITCH KETCHUP :Salsa is just the sauce to help you lose weight fast and retain the tangy taste.It is made from fresh tomatoes which contain lycopene,it not only help reduce fat overall but also specifically around the belly.If you like salsa spicy,it's even better because the capsicum in hot peppers like jalapenos and chipotle will help you boost metabolism and in turn reduce weight.Ketchup has very little nutritional value as compared to the fruit from which it is delivered.So it should be ditch.
10. YOUR FIBER INTAKE BE INCREASED :It keeps you feeling full for longer.Every 10 gram increase of soluble fiber on a daily basis leads up to 3.7 percent decrease in visceral fat,over a period of five years.If you are active and exercise regularly,the results will be faster and more effective.
11. DISCARD ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS : Artificial sweeteners to abdominal obesity and weight gain.Artificial sweeteners also tend to trigger sweet cravings and also spike insulin levels.
13. LIFT MORE WEIGHTS : Exercising is an essential part of weight loss.To lose weight ,perform resistance training on a regular basis.Workouts considerably reduced their risk of abdominal obesity.Study shows that 16 weeks of weight training led a 7.7 increase in metabolic rates in subjects,which stimulated belly fat loss.
13. BREAK SPROUTED BREAD : Sprouted bread contains inulin content which is a fiber that has been linked to multiple health benefits.Pre-diabetic study subjects who included inulin in their diet cut down more belly fat as opposed to those who didn't.
14. ADDING BERRIES IN DIET : It contains antioxidants that help reduce inflammation throughout the body.Strawberries,raspberries are loaded with resveratrol,the antioxidant pigment which is known to help you lose weight.
15. AVOID HYDROGENATED OILS : Trans fats are found in partially in these oils in foods.These not only prevent you from losing weight but also increase your risk of high cholesterol,heart diseases and obesity.
16. START YOUR DAY EARLY : The early risers received an additional metabolic boost and people who were exposed to just a short period of early morning sunlight had lower BMI compared to people who woke up late.
17. EXPOSE TO SUNLIGHT YOURSELF :Waking up early means you can actually soak in some morning sun and give your body the Vitamin D it needs.
18. PRACTICE HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING :It has tremendous effects on weight-loss and if you're looking for a way to lose belly fats,this is the exercise routine you need to be following on a regular basis.
19. BRUSH OFTEN :Brushing after every meal helped reduce weight.Not only does the minty flavor of your toothpaste keep your teeth clean and get rid of the strong belly slimming garlic stench,it also triggers a Pavlovian response that signals to your brain,indicating the kitchen is closed.
20. HIT THE TRACK :Running keeps your heart beat racing and help you burn a amount of calories,ultimately leading to weight loss.
21. SLEEP MORE :Early to bed early to rise,to get sufficient sleep.It gives you more energy to exercise the next day.
22. KITCHEN SHOULD BE OFF AFTER DINNER :Who had access to food only eight hours a day stayed slimmer than those who consumed the same amount of calories during the course of 16 hours.So when you're done with your meal at night,resist from entering the kitchen again to grab something to much on.You will be surprised at how much difference it makes.

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