The focus from heart-healthy to brain-healthy foods turns the mind diet.The following are the solid diet plan for you.
                         A group of researchers in the U.S put a diet targeted at a healthy brain before three years.They'd got together to find out if there was a link between the food we eat and our brain health,and it turned out there is.In fact,nutrition has such a substantials effect that the research found that study participants who ate a particular set of foods and avoided another set actually had a reduced risk of Alzheimer's by up to 53%.Even those who followed the diet moderately had a 35% reduction in risk,CALLED THE MIND DIET,it turned the focus from heart-healthy to brain-healthy foods.
                         The research was published in the journal Alzheimer's and Dementia,the Journal of the Alzhemer's Association and study was led by Martha Clare Morris,a nutritional,epidemiologist from Rush University,U.S.
                         THE MIND DIET :It is also for Mediterranean-DASH,Intervention for Nerodegenerative Delay.Both knows for their heart-healthy benefits broadly emphasize eating whole grains,vegetables,fruits,nuts,lean protein.While Med diet was intrinsic to an area,DASH [Dietary Approaches to top Hypertension]was brought in to lower blood pressure,so stresses on low salt and low-fat diary.Where MIND differs is in it's approach to fruit and diary-the diet doesn't talk about the former and asks to restrict certain foods from the latter group.
                                                    WHAT IS EATABLE?
                          Daily eat leafy greens [1 salad]vegetable [at least 1 serving] whole grains [atleast 3 servings],wine [1 glass] Eat nuts must days,beans 3-4 times a week [1 or more servings ] poultry and berries at least twice a week [preferably blueberries and strawberries ]and fish at least once a week.Olive oil must be the primary fat used.
                           About wine,it's got to be red and it's not port wine or any of the sweet hill wines we get in India plus it's only a 5 oz serving.You can't use it as an excuse to drink more daily,and you really can substitute it for any other flavanoid-rich food.This is an antioxidant ,you can find in grapes,apples,pomegranates,green tea,cocoa [the type that isn't sugar laden]
                                                     WHAT SHOULD BE AVOIDED ?
                            It limits intake of red meat [to be eaten rarely] butter [no more than a tbsp a day],cheese [not more than a serving a week],fried or fast food [less than once a week].It also asks to avoid pastries and sweets altogether.
                            An Ayurveda physician,Dr.Prasan Sankar recommends as brain-healthy foods,cows milk,dates,milk decoctions with ashwagandha,gourds,garlic,moong-dal,'bring' chutney,saute 1 cup fresh brahmi leaves in 3 tbsp ghee.Grind with 1/4 cup grated coconut,2 tbsp dry-roasted Bengal gram,1 slice fresh ginger and 2 green chillies.Add rock salt to taste.Splutter 1/2 tsp mustard seeds and about 10 curry leaves in 1 tbsp ghee and add to the mixure.
                             Doctors and dieticians are in agreement that we need a more structured eating plan for those who are ageing ,anyone over 45 but we must look at the MIND diet as a guide not the gospel truth.A dietician breakdown is that it's a diet high on antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids.But it's not a suitable for children and young adults who need the sugars from fruits,and it doesn't take in to account our vegetarian population that gets it's protein from diary,and we don't all need to stock only olive oil.
                             Morris said that there was no need to suddenly wipe out fruits,eggs,and diary from the diet.It's just that the healthy ageing brain and these had not been established.
                             Lastly,Dr. Meenakshisundaram says that besides diet,you need to "keep your mind and body active,sleep well,lower stress levels and engage with people,to help you age better and to keep disease itself at bay".

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