There are three stared test components,aerobic ,fitness,muscular strength and endurance and flexibility.However,only push-ups modified push-ups and sit -ups curl ups are the testing items that are used in all tastes.The cut off value for each test also varied for the same gender and age.Fitness knowledge and physical activity assessment are only included in youth  fitness test battery.New technologies emerged in youth fitness test batteries changing how tests are implemented in school.
                       Among various means for promoting fitness,physical fitness testing programs have been used widely throughout the world and served many different purposes.The use of fitness testing could help governments as well as health and educational organizations track important data on the population for sport programs athletes and physical education assessment.Most importantly,physical fitness is a key in dictator of the vital predictor of health later in life[40]
                       Previous research has indicated that it is critical to educate youth to be physically active as early as possible.Thus various types of youth have been developed in many countries,and revisions have been made periodically.However,it is important to point out that the need for fitness testing in schools has been debated for years.Although,it is obvious that there is strong support of youth fitness testing in school on a regular basis,many researchers have questioned the necessity of regular implementation of youth fitness test.
                        Appropriate fitness testing has great unrealized potentials a critical component within physical education fitness and sport.The increase of physical inactivity caused by overeating unhealthy food and video gaming contributes global healthcare expenditures[28 .34] More alarming this growing epidemic coincides with a lack of knowledge about fitness testing,particularly in English speaking countries[21 .22]
                         One of the most comprehensive studies found in English language on youth fitness testing was reported by Castro Pinero and associates[5]who analyzed 15 physical fitness test batteries currently being used worldwide.
                                                  DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS :

Fitness levels of children and adolescents have been declining worldwide in recent years due to the dramatic changes in lifestyles[37 .38].New technologies as T.V. internet,computers,and automobiles have facilitated the adoption of sedentary lifestyles especially in children and adolescents.Child hood obesity partially caused by a lack of physical activity has become a public health problem in many countries.Therefore youth fitness testing has been one of the most pressing global challenges in school settings.
                          As a common worldwide practice in schools youth fitness testing has existed for more than half of a century with revisions to reflect the updated understanding about health related fitness.

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