Image result for pexel com image of belly fat decreasingOverweight or obese puts a higher risk of heart disease,stroke,high blood pressure,diabetes,cancer,gallbladder,gallstones and breathing problems.Moreover the risk is even higher in people with a family history of one of those conditions.A healthy body weight sets the stage for your heart,bones,brain,muscles and other organs in the body to play their part smoothly and efficiently for many years.Overweight,especially obesity drains almost every aspect of health from reproductive and respiratory system to memory and mood.
                              Science has revealed how exercise,diet and sleep are keys to successful weight loss as well as maintaining health.Here are three scientific things that should be a part of your daily routine if you want to get rid of your belly fat and overweight as follows :
1. SLEEP WELL : Sleep needs very across by ages,as for example,a healthy adult needs 7-9 hours of sleep per night and children,teens need even more to function their best.
2. HEALTHY DIET : It helps to loss weight around 80%. The logic is that the balance between calories in and out will decide the final outcome.If you are watching what you eat you will probably burn more calories but it does not mean you should only focus on the calorie count.It is about paying attention to the quality of foods you eat.It includes eating lots of fruits and vegetables while refraining from processed foods that are high in sugar,salt,and unhealthy fat.Most fruits,vegetables are low in calories but these are high in filing fiber and other nutrients which help in weight and fat loss thereby improve overall health.
3. REGULAR EXERCISE : Everybody must do exercise not to burn calories for weight loss but to lower the risk of various disease and to maintain health problems.It is an incredible benefits for your mental health which helps to manage stress and can have a profoundly positive impact on depression and anxiety.Doing aerobic or cardio exercises regularly can help you burn calories and body fat.You also may try walking,running,swimming and cycling in your fitness goals,while all physical activity helps you burn calories.Resistance training like weight lifting can go far beyond that it tones muscle and helps to prevent your metabolism from slowing down when you lose body fat.

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