Image result for pexel.com image of weight lossIT IS COMMONLY KNOWN THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO LOSS WEIGHT 80% BY DIET AND 20% BY EXERCISE.
                  The exercise offers an incredible health benefits but sometimes your busy schedule prevents you from doing exercise and hitting gym everyday.
                   However,there are some easy ways to lose weight without hitting gym or regular exercise.Following are the most effective tips to loss weight.
1. MAKE YOUR DAYS HARD : Always use the staircase not elevator.Avoid using closest restroom,parking space or vending machine.If you take the longest route or opt for the stairs,you will start to notice a difference.The calorie burn may seem insignificant but it all adds up at the end of the day.
2. CUT THE LIQUID CALORIES : Juice,beer and soda are these types of liquid which are generally packed with sugar and will immediately turn to fat once you digest.Stick to clear,clean liquids,water still or sparkling and do the same when you opt for liquor.The coffee is better for your weight loss.
3. AVOID THE FAD DIETS : Fad diets are fast ones,which rarely result in long term progress.Generally,fad dieters lose a lot of water weight,quickly only to gain the pounds back when the resume eating solid foods.It leads to weight cycling or yo-yo-ing,which may be the health problems.
4. TRACK WHAT YOU EAT : Tracking the foods that you eat can make a difference when attempting to lose weight.Keeping meticulous records will keep you on track,motivated and help you recognize what helps you lose the weights and what does not.You do not need to track pounds or calories keeping those numbers can lead to obsessive behavior,but tracking what you eat and how it makes you feel can give you insight in to your diet and ultimate results.
5. DRINK MORE WATER : Drinking water helps you cut back on binge-snacking.It is zero calories which is very good for weight loss.You may add a pinch of sea salt or unrefined,unbleached salt to your water before you drink.The electrolytes in the salt will push water in to the cells where they need to be,rather than letting the water get flushed out,causing you to go to the bathroom every other minute.
6. TAKE BETTER RAW INGREDIENTS : You should not go totally Paleo but taking a page from the raw ingredient cookbook is not a terrible idea.Cut out preservatives as you can,the smaller the ingredient list,the healthier item such as banana or broccoli,not sugar butter.You do not want to go label crazy and try to remember everything in moderation,the more you cut yourself off from sugar,you will get optimum results.
7. SLEEP WELL : If you want to lose weight you should have a regular sleep schedule.Those who sleep between 6.5 and 8.5 hours a night have lower body fat than those who sleep below or above those numbers.

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