WATERMELON is a summer fruit which is very very important to those who want to loss their weight.It is juicy and fleshy containing Amino acid its flesh and can stimulate blood flow.These are extremely low in calories.It helps lower the risk of heart disease.Citrulline,an amino acid in the rind and flesh of water melon,can stimulate better blood flow,normalize blood pressure levels and boost immune function.The juicy and delectable fruit may also advantage for weight loss.Eating watermelon help you a great deal in your weight loss journey.The reasons are as following............
[A] IT IS LOW IN CALORIES : Anyone would be surprised to know that 100 grams watermelon contains only 30 calories and 0% saturated fats.
[B] IT FILLS YOU UP :These are 92% water so,load up on watermelons without any hesitation.The decent amount of fiber content of water melon also helps to weight loss.Fiber takes time to digest,which means it stays in your system for long,and gives you a feeling of fullness.
[C] WATERMELON IS GOOD FOR MUSCLE SORENESS AND RECOVERY :It may serve as a good post workout food.After a strenuous physical activity,it is natural for muscles to sore or even encounter a minor injury in the process,especially when you are just starting out.It may help heal the soreness of muscles and ensure speed healing of wounds.The compound L-citrulline,present in watermelon,is converted in to another essential amino acid,known as L-arginine by the body,which helps to enhance blood circulation and relaxing blood vessels.This help you to recover from the injury quickly and return to working out sooner.
                                                 THE PROCESS TO USE THE WATERMELON :
[A] ADD WITH SALADS :It will be a delicious fruit salad with fresh watermelons.You also may add some kiwi,goat cheese and watercress levels,and spruce it up with balsamic vinegar dressing and sesame seeds.
[B] DETOX DRINKS : Watermelons,their high water content is extremely mineralising and has a great alkalising and diuretic effect.Make a refreshing watermelon juice or blend it in a smoothie with other healthy fruits and herbs like kiwi and mint.
[C] NO NEED TO TOSS AWAY THE SEEDS :These seeds are rich in lysine,which can work wonders for diabetics.These are low in calories,rich in magnesium,iron and folate,which are an extremely important nutrient for expecting mothers

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