An overall important exercise is running.It brings benefits both mental and physical.Myself personally a huge fan of running.It is a very good option to burn a lots of calories by running.But if you are looking to maximize your calorie burn or switch up your high intensity workouts,there  are plenty of other options to consider.However it is very important to note that there are so many workout that have nothing to do with burning calories or weight loss and we are not suggesting that your goal should be either of those things.If it is your goal,that is truly fine but it is important not to overdo it or exercise compulsively,and if you have struggled with disordered eating or compulsive exercising,always talk to your doctor before starting any fitness routine.
1. OUTDOOR CYCLING :Biking at a fast vigorous pace gets your heart rate soaring whether you are indoors or outdoors.Add in some mountainous terrain and hills and the calorie burn goes up even more.This outdoor cycling burn approximately 680 calories per hour.
2. Swimming : It burns 680calories per hour approximately.Freestyle works but you must aim for a vigorous 75 yards per minute pace.This is a little aggressive for a casual swimmer.Butterfly stroke is more effective than freestyle.
3.INDOOR CYCLING : It burns 952 calories approximately per hour,but intensity must be at 200 watts or greater.If the stationary bike does not display watts means when your indoor cycling instructor tells you to turn up the resistance,you do it.
4. ROWING :Rowing burns calorie approximately 816 per hour.Here also apply the same 200 watts is the benchmark.It should be at a vigorous effort.Many rowing machines list watts on the display.It is an incredible back workout too.
5. CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING : It burns approximately 850 calories per hour.It all depends on your experience as a skier.Slow and light effort won't burn nearly as many calories as a brisk speed vigorous effort will.To really challenge yourself and burn up energy try uphil skiing.
6. KICKBOXING : This way you can burn calories approximately 700 per hour.When it comes to regular boxing the biggest calorie burn comes when you are legit in the ring,but a lot of boxing classes also incorporate cardio exercises like mountain climbers and burpees,that your heart rate ends up increasing more than you'd expect,and you have got a start somewhere before you can get in to the ring.
7. JUMPING ROPE :By jumping rope you can burn approximately 802 calories per hour.This should be a moderate pace approximately 100 skips per minute.Try this jump rope interval workout to get started.

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