Six pack abs is certainly an attractive body.To achieve it surely needed lots of hard work with dedication.Here are some best exercises which help to have six pack abs as follows.........
1. SIT UP [JACKKNIFE] : This sit up help you in shaping intercostals,external obliques and pectineus.To perform this ,you need to sit on the floor while holding a medicine ball,your feet out in front of you,then bend your knees slightly and lift your feet slightly up from the ground.Your ankles should be together and lean back so that your torso is at 45 degrees from the floor.Hold the medicine ball out straight from your chest,arms only slightly bent.Twist your torso over to one side and try to bring the medicine ball towards the floor.Pause for a moment and repeat the same in the opposite side.
2. PULL IN EXERCISE BALL : It helps to develops your lower rectus abdominis.To perform it take a position where your feet is resting on the ball and your hands are down on the floor in a push up position.Now try tucking your knees towards your chest.The ball will roll in the same direction along with your feet.Pause for a second once your knees are close to the chest,release and get back to the starting position.
3. SEATED LEG TUCKS : It helps in developing upper and lower rectus abdominis.To perform it you need to sit on a bench crosswise.Raise your legs,bend knees and lean backward at 45 degree.Hold on to the side for support.Use a scissor movement and curl upper body towards pelvis while rounding your back.Raise knees towards your head and make body look like a v shape.It will make upper and lower abdominals crunch together.
4. AB CRUNCH MACHINE : It is quite an essential one for your six pack abs.Use the machine regularly in the gym and perform your reps nicely and slowly.Make sure that your abdominals feel a burn as they work in the movement.
5. CABLE CRUNCHES : This helps in developing upper  and lower rectus abdominis.For performing it you need to attach a rope to an overhead pulley.Grab each end of the rope and kneel down while holding the rope in front of your forehead.Bend and curl your torso downward in a way that your back rounds.Move towards your knees where you should feel the stretch on your abdominal muscles which crunch together.To increase the effectiveness of the exercise,squeeze your ab muscles at the end of the movement for 3 seconds and release.SLOWLY RETURN TO THE STARTING POSITION.
6. HANGING KNEE RAISE : This exercise will help in shaping and developing the lower rectus abdominis.To perform it hang up straight from a pull-up bar or any bar which is strong enough to hold your weight.Keep your feet together and raise your knees towards your chest.Raise them as high as you can.Pause for a few seconds while you squeeze your feet back down and repeat the movement.

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