Image result for image of weight lossWhere the question of weight loss arise it comes first about rigorous workouts but there is other ways for weight loss instead of it by incorporating an activity such as walking.So if your lifestyle refrains you from hard core exercises then you can burn calories with these low impact methods to whittle your waistline as following....................
1. DRINK GREEN TEA BEFORE TO WALKING : Green tea is a boosted metabolism ,which can be a sure win-win burning extra kilos.A perfect blend of caffeine and catechins  together catalyze the fat burning process,the former is known to induce fat burn by promoting thermogenesis  and the later enhances fat oxidation.
2. TRY 15000 STEPS PER DAY RACK UP : Studies suggested that to keep a track of the number of steps you walk each day.15000 steps each day might sound arduous at first but once you start on it will be very much doable.Intensifying your walk will not even lead to sore muscles.
3. WALK 20 MINUTES THRICE A DAY EACH : As like eating meals in a day,it is suggested to have three 20 minutes walk instead of a long stretch walk.In fact walking 15-20 minutes after every meal helps in controlling blood sugar levels better than taking a long 45 minutes walk once in day.So make the most of your time and walk in intervals rather than in one go.
4. WALK ON UPHILL : When you walk on an elevated path you might noticed that you get more exhausted and your heart beat increases very fast,because while walking uphill you build more muscles that help in increasing metabolic rate.You are suggested to lean forward a bit and slow your pace while walking uphill so as avoid unnecessary strain on your muscles.Start slow and steady and increase the frequency of these uphill walks to exploit it the most.
5. TAKE A ONE MINUTE INTERVAL BREAK : Everybody dislike monotony and so does our bodies.Maintaining a steady rate while walking should be ruled out and walking at varied speed should be incorporated in your walking routine.This change in practice can enhance calorie burn by 20% also try and include 1 minute interval in your walking routine which will help you to burn more calories.
6. AVOID SUGARY DRINKS : Sugary drinks like Gatorade should be avoided,because these drinks actually provide you way more than the amount of calories burnt during a low intensity workout.
7. DRINK MORE WATER : Studies shows that drinking more water around 1.5 liters per day can burn 1450 calories [approx] a day.It also helps to lose weight.
8. SMARTLY WALK : Small walks when possible is helpful in getting in shape,park your car if possible a bit far away from your door,use staircases,ditching escalators,opting to walk instead of taking your car whenever possible can make you get that desired waistline you want of.

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