The important fact that the weight loss is a very tough task of majority people.It demotivate people to leave their weight loss track altogether but can be a prick when it comes to ruining the health of a person.But thanks to the science of controlling portion method for losing weight without harm your health or weight loss plan.If you follow a vigorous diet plan,you may have some common disease like nausea,hypertension,high palpitations,excess sweating and so on.That is why you should try the method of portion control as following....................
                     ADVANTAGE OF PORTION CONTROL : First thing that you should calculate calories and decide your meals.That is very important to know what goes on your dish with prior planning.It will make you aware about what you eat and it helps you in getting  a good understanding of what suits your body and what not.
                      By portion control you would be able to achieve discipline in your eating habits.Since prior to this you have gained weight because of excessive and untimely eating,portion control helps you draw the line and when to stop.
                      LIQUID DIET CAN LEAD SOME HORRIBLE MEDICAL ISSUES IF YOU TRY FOR WEIGHT LOSS :The great way to loss your weight journey i portion control.By controlling your portion you will able to get rid of your addictions for unhealthy foods at odd times which is a major factor in weight gain.Controlling portion also ensures an adequate intake of calories.When you know your calorie requirement as per your weight,you also know how to control your eating habits,means that you aren't completely leaving food in order to lose weight but are making sure that along with exercise enough fuel is going in your body to run it.NUTRITIONAL DEFICIENCY CONTRIBUTES TO WEIGHT GAIN AND PORTION CONTROL HELPS COUNTER THAT.
                        Controlling portion also leads to reduced food cravings.If you start portion control,your cravings for unnecessary foods also diminish.If you have been feeling bloated lately,portion control is your answer.
                         PORTION CONTROL HOW DOES IT LEAD TO LOSS WEIGHT : Portion control be your first step for weight loss.Besides the above mentioned benefits weight loss will also be a sustainable process.It is an easy step once you get the hang of it.It is important to begin with this step to kick start your weight loss journey in an efficient manner.With this you will also be able to save on a great load of money as the cost of spulrging on food will be cut.If you are looking for an effective and affordable of losing weight,portion control should the first on your day today list.
                         Needed calories in a day : 1200
                         Morning : A glass of green tea with A banana.
                         Breakfast : Two slices of brown toast and seasonal fruit shake with one egg omelette.
                          Snack :Bowl of fruits.
                          Lunch : Two rotis,one bowl of salad with yoghurt one bowl dal,and one bowl of sabji.
                          Dinner :One bowl of rice with dal,sabji with salad.
Moreover,you should have minimum of two liters of water in a day and add exercise to your daily routine to get optimum results of weight loss faster.Portion control works only if you do not end up indulging in foods now and then.For example,if you have salad for lunch and controlled yourself eating a burger during dinner will not help.Portion control needs to be followed through the day and not only a meal.To know your calories you should consult to a nutritionist or dietician and then follow the method of portion control.

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