EVERYBODY WANT TO HAVE BIGGER AND BEAUTIFUL BICEPS but building biceps could get hard at times.Don't worry there is science to help you to get bigger and beautiful biceps by doing some great exercises.Your biceps may not be growing due to some reasons as such wrong intensity of exercise and sufficient diet or wrong supplements.So here is some most important exercises which help you to make your bigger biceps as follows...................................
1. HAMMER CURLS : To do this exercise you should have to stand straight with your back straight,feet stretched out at shoulder width distance.Fix the elbows  at the sides of the body.Place the hands in a neutral position,right parallel to each other.Curl up your arms and then lower down.Repeat it one by one with both the hands.
2. BARBELL CURL : To this hold a barbell at a shoulder width grip with your arms facing the floor and elbows locked an inch away from your sides.Curl the bar towards your chest,while keeping the elbows and back fixed.Lower down your arms to the starting position.Repeat it up one of a barbell curl.
3. ONE ARM DUMBBELL PREACHER CURL : To do this extend and rest one of your arms on a preacher bench,holding a dumbbell in the respective hand.Then curl up the arm up to your shoulder and return back to the original position.
4. INCLINE DUMBBELL CURL : To do this exercise lie back on an incline bench holding a dumbbell in each hands extended down and back respectively.Roll the dumbbells up and out with both with your hands.Remember to turn the wrists as the weights are raise,slowly and smoothly get back to the starting position.

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