Green tea is triumphs and marvels of nature for the worlds healthiest drink,because its antioxidant content which is much higher than any other food or drink in the world.
                           It is number two consumed drink in the world,adding with by water only.All the varieties of tea,green tea happens to be the most popular one and all this due to its nutritional value.Green tea is for the heart,immunity,skin and weight loss.
                           WHAT IS THE SAFE LIMIT OF GREEN TEA ?
About the health benefits of green tea anyone would drink more and more cups of it everyday but its health benefits should know when to stop.So you need to be sure of how many antioxidants you wish to feed your body.It is very bad to your health to take much of it instead of good.You can determine how much green tea will be safe as your age,life stage and health conditions.
                       HOW MUCH GREEN TEA SHOULD YOU TAKE IN A DAY ?
It is good to consumption of 320 mg polyphenols in a day which makes up for your daily requirement of antioxidants and it comes from only 3 cups of green tea.So there are a number of causes why you must follow this number.The reasons are as following........................
[A] Drinking green tea will surely fill you up with antioxidants but it will also fill you up with caffeine.From addictions to the risk of miscarriage,excess caffeine can cause damage.One cup of green tea gives your 25-25 grams of caffeine.Fr men the safe limit is 400 grams and for women 200 grams.So to much drinking of green tea will expose yourself to a lot of health problems by caffeine.
[B] GREEN TEA CONTAINS HEAVY METALS : This plant is capable of holding aluminum,so more drinking may a risk of accumulating the metal,which increases your risk is worse in people dealing with renal failure.It also reduce hemoglobin levels.Green tea contain lead so,too much drinking green tea result in lead accumulation which is not good for health,especially for pregnant women.
[C]GREEN TEA HAMPERS NUTRIENT ABSORPTION : Healthiest drink in the world can prevent your body from absorbing more nutrients if you drink too much of it.Natural antioxidants of green tea can decrease iron absorption in your body.It can also hamper folate absorption,which is not good for your health.

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