DIABETES is a such kind of disease once it latches itself with with you,it simply not leave you alone.But you can try to keep it under control,and this depends on your food choices.Firstly,you should stay away from sugar at any costs.You must avoid sweet treats,which is not really easy.Anumber of foods have hidden sugar in them,these healthy foods could wreak havoc in a diabetics.It is very important to diabetics to watch out for high levels of sugar,carbs,and fats in foods.These foods are on the list for diabetics because they can lead to sudden blood sugar spikes which can be danger for diabetics.
[A] JUICE OF FRUITS : It obviously a healthy but it is not for diabetics,even for the general people fruit juices are not termed as a healthy beverage,because it contains high levels of sugar and are zero on very low in terms of fiber.Also nutritional content of juices is very low.That is why it should be a bigger "NO" FOR DIABETICS,INSTEAD THEY MUST STICK TO WHOLE FRUITS SUCH AS APPLES,BERRIES AND PEARS.This will not spike blood sugar levels suddenly.
[B] CEREALS : These are an easy and quick breakfast option,but they are very high in terms of sugar which is not good for diabetics.Cornflakes,rice flakes,puffed wheat cereals should be avoided.Some of them contain sweet coatings which make it worse.An alternative healthy food is bran cereal or oats which have a lower glycemic index.
[C] FRIES : French fries are very high in terms of fat and carbs,that is why this should be negative list for diabetics.Even if you opt small pack of fries,your blood sugar levels can spike worse.You can select for baked sweet potato fries.
[D] ALCOHOL :It is very danger material for diabetics.It may be fine a glass or two of red wine for diabetics in a while but when it surpasses that limit it can be harmful to diabetics.It can interfere with blood sugar levels so it is good enough to keep a check on how much you drink.
[E] PIZZA : It is one of the worst foods for diabetics,so it should be avoided at any costs.If you go for the thick crust variety the effect can be even worse.The best alternative is a thin crust pizza with a lot of veggies and a lesser amount of cheese and check how this affects your blood sugar levels,then make it your healthier alternative to regular pizza.
[F] SWEET : Diabetics should give up pastries,cakes,donuts,pancakes,waffles,chocolates and other sweet treats because of their high sugar and curb content.These foods can lead to a sudden spike in your blood sugar levels.So when your hands going towards that cookie bowl try to look for a distraction but do anything it takes to keep these foods off your diet,at any costs.
[G] BANANA :It is high in terms of sugar,but in the limited quantities it would not be quite harmful for diabetics.If they want to include fruits in their diet they must ensure that the simple carbs and sugar in fruits are accompanied with fiber.
[H] MEAT THAT IS PROCESSED : Diabetics should avoid bacon,sausages,salamis and steaks as well,A simple salami sandwich may a healthy in any way but they are loaded with sodium which can increase the risk of heart disease in people with diabetes.

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