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Overall study says that leg exercises can be beneficial for the nervous system in the body.It found out that neurological health depends on the signals sent to brain by body's large leg muscles.                    The study that conducted on mice,observed that the number of neural stem calls reduced significantly when their physical activity was decreased.When exercise was reduced severely,specialized cells like neurons and oligodendrocytes didn't maturely properly.This cells are responsible for supportive and insulating nerve cells.                     Leg exercise is great for the nervous system :- Weight bearing exercises using leg can send signals to the brain and assist production of beneficial neural cells which are important for the brain and nervous system.When you cut back on exercising,it makes difficult for the body to produce new cells which are the building blocks for hanging stress and adapting to challenges in life.Furthermore,it can reduce the amount of o

The best exercise for arthritis :

EXERCISE MIGHT HELPS EASE ARTHRITIS PAIN AND STIFFNESS.                          Exercise increases strength and flexibility which reduces joint pain and helps combat fatigue.First of all talk to doctor and physical therapist about fitting exercise in to your treatment plan.What type of exercises are the best for you depends on your type of arthritis and which joints are involve,they can work with you to find the exercise plan that gives you the most benefit with the least aggravation of your joint pain.                                                 THE best exercises for ARTHRITIS are as following :- 1. MOTION EXERCISES :- Range -of-motion exercises relieve stiffness and increase your ability to move your joints through their full range of motion.These exercises might include movements such as raising your arms over your head or rolling your shoulders forward and backward.In ,most cases these exercises can be done daily. 2. STRENGTH TRAINING :- These exercises help you build s

The most effective tips for a healthy Thyroid :

TODAY THE 25 OF MAY 2018,WORLD THYROID DAY .THIS DAY IS OBSERVED ON THIS DAY EVERY YEAR ALL OVER THE WORLD.                               A healthy thyroid is key to no disorders in the first place.There are some important tips and most effective tips to maintain a healthy Thyroid.These are as following :- 1. EXERCISE :- Thyroid is a bow-shaped gland placed in front of your neck which releases hormones required for regulating metabolism,body weight,energy and food metabolism.Your metabolism shows down as you age.One of the best ways to keep it active is to exercise regularly.Find for an exercise program where you can build more muscle tissue.Weight training and interval training are the best ways to do so. 2. MEDITERRANEAN :- To maintain a healthy thyroid you can do is eat a well-balanced diet.70% of your autoimmune system lies in your intestines and that is how an unhealthy diet affects the normal functioning of your thyroid.Inflammation in the intestines can lead to thyroid p

Zero curb zero calorie foods,its health benefits :

Zero calorie foods permitted you to burn calories while you eat them.The few calories present in zero calorie foods are used as energy when you eat them,hence burning calories and inducing weight loss. What is zero calorie foods?Obviously this must have been your first reaction to see the title of the article.Zero calorie foods are speedily become popular among those who want to lose weight.Zero calorie foods allow you to burn calories while you eat them and it works gently to lose weight.The few calories present in such foods are used up as energy when you eat them hence burning calories and inducing weight loss. You will be glad to know that this must be something other than regular fruits and vegetables and may come to you as a financial setback.Zero calories foods which are nether rare nor too expensive and they also offer more benefits to you than just weight loss.Following are the top zero calorie foods you may enjoy them and be benefited :- 1. CABBAGE :- It is usuall

Benefits of eating Tulsi leaves [Holy basil] in empty stomach :

TULSI is a  Sanskrit name of Holy Basil plant which is Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory herb.It has a number of health benefits.It provides your body the strength to cope with stress.Tulsi leaves can be consumed orally or applied in the form of a paste.Tulsi holds great religious significance in Hinduism.But overall it has a wide variety of health benefits.The seeds and leaves of this plant are used to make medicine for treating in various health problems by Ayurveda. FOLLOWING ARE THE AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF TULSI THE [HOLY BASIL] : 1. REDUCE STRESS :- Tulsi has a refreshing flavor and aroma of this medicinal plant which helps in reducing stress.It has a soothing effect on your body with mind and keeps anxiety at bay.If you suffering a tough situation in life or going through a great deal of stress,just take a glass of Tulsi tea for relief.You can also prepare a paste of its leaves and apply it on your forehead for relief.            PREPARATION OF TULSI TEA :- [A] Bo

How to tone muscles without bulking up :

To acquire tone muscle doesn't have to over complicated .If you persistently with dedication to it you may achieve a leaner,tighter body without having to gain muscle mass.If you willing to evaluate themselves accurately,make and track progress honestly and maintain their standards,they will be able to effectively tone and not bulk in the process. Following are the best tips to make your muscles tone without bulking up................... 1. First and foremost SET A GOAL : The goal which help you stay motivated and serve as a remainder of why you are doing what you do.Ensure it is a realistic goal that can be met.The people are much more likely to succeed if a goal is set. 2.WEIGH YOURSELF : T he basic time to weigh yourself is upon walking up and on an empty stomach regularly.This baseline weight result will be useful in further calculations and planning which also assists you in determining whether you would like to aim to lose excess body fat as well. 3. CALCULATE YO

The correct way to do Burpee and its benefits :

Burpee is a whole body exercise in which you start in standing position,squat down until your hands touch the floor.Then kick your feet back in to push-up position.From this position jump back in to your original position and repeat it again.                         Burpees offer solid cardio benefits,they also count as strength training because they work muscles in your upper body,lower body and core. HOW MANY REPS OF BURPEES SHOULD DO AT A TIME ? You should do just one of 100 burpees as fast as you can.You can do the first 20 in a minute or so.After that you hit a wall and it takes you about 15 minutes to finish the rest as you lay on the ground to rest between reps. HOW DO BURPEES HELP YOUR BODY ? Burpees work your entire body.Unlike isolation exercises like biceps curls and triceps kickbacks,burpees are a full body exercise.You will be able to burn more calories in less time when you do burpees. BURPEES HELP YOU TO LOSE BELLY FATS :-Burpees make your body a fat burni

High blood pressure diet menu :

High blood pressure that is,hypertension is a condition in which the blood vessels have persistently raised pressure.To solve this problem here are some diet tips that you can follow to manage high blood pressure or hypertension.The tips are as follows :- 1. MAGNESIUM RICH FOODS : Spinach are rich in magnesium,which help in reducing blood pressure to a large extent and dark chocolate,cashew nuts,pumpkin seeds are very important foods for control hypertension. 2. POTASSIUM INTAKE : Foods like kidney beans,flax seeds,bananas are rich in potassium,which plays an important role in regulating hypertension.These foods should be increased to control high blood pressure. 3. CUT BACK ON CAFFEINE : Excessive consumption of caffeine may be linked with a dramatic increase in blood pressure.That is why ,if you are susceptible to high blood pressure,it may be good for you to cut back on your dose of caffeine. 4. ADD MORE OATMEAL : Oatmeal is a high fiber food which is good for regulat

Three most effective yoga for burning belly fat easily and quickly :

Story highlights :- 1. Camel pose is a backward stretch yoga posture that stretches the entire front side of the body. 2. Cobra pose will give your abdomen a good stretch to reduce belly fat. 3. Wind relieving pose helps in relieving the gas.                           BELLY fat is a serious health problems.To solve these problems you may follow three easy but most effective yoga stretches to burn belly fat quickly.You may start these in your day to day life which help you to burn that stubborn belly fat easily and quickly.These three poses are as following :- 1. CAMEL POSE : It is a backward stretch yoga posture that stretches the whole front side of the body.Performing this yoga pose will effectively reduce fat from the stomach,thighs,arms,and hips.It is a great pose for shaping up the body.This also increase flexibility,strength to the body and improves digestion.                                                                                                    2. COBRA


Strength training which is also called resistance or weight training.It is the use of resistance to muscular contraction to build the strength,aerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.Strength training is based on the principle that muscles of the body will work to overcome a resistance force when they are required to do so.If you do strength training repeatedly and constantly,your muscles become stronger.                A best fitness program includes strength training to improve bone,joint function,bone density,muscle,tendon and ligament strength,as well as aerobic exercise to improve your heart and lung fitness,flexibility and balance exercises. STRENGTH TRAINING AND ITS HEALTH BENEFITS :                Mental and physical health benefits that can be achieved through strength training as follows : 1. Strength training improved muscle strength and tone to protect joints from injury. 2. Strength training maintained flexibility and balance,which can help to remain indep


HYPERTENSION it is a big big question and one of the non-communicable disease affecting a major portion of the present generation.Is it curable or treatable?The answer is,it is treatable to everyone,not curable except for a lucky few.                           The common type of hypertension,the medical term for high blood pressure is called essential hypertension.Approximately 95% have this type of hypertension.The 'term essential' chosen only because it connotes that there is no immediate structural or hormonal cause for it,that could be really fixed,as for example,surgery.But what causes this type of hypertension?Nobody still not really sure about it,though not for lack of trying.The process is not totally understood,but what doctors noticed is that hypertension tends to run together with things like high cholesterol,diabetes,stroke and heart disease.Doctors also noticed that all those things are co-related with body mass index [BMI],obesity,and genetics because nothing ca


               Regular exercise is most important for healthy heart.There are some best exercises for maintaining a healthy heart such as following.............                                THE BEST EXERCISES FOR A HEALTHY HEART : 1. STRENGTH TRAINING : It is just types of exercise which containing weight lifting,your own body weight or resistance bands.This training helps in building endurance and toning muscles. 2. AEROBIC EXERCISES : Aerobic exercises such as running,jogging and biking are extremely beneficial for a healthy heart.Aerobic exercises require you to move at a fast pace which elevates your heart rate and makes you breathe harder.Exercise to that level so that you may able to talk to others,otherwise you are trying hard.Who with joint diseases can do low impact cardio exercises like swimming or walking. Running helps in giving a push to your cardiovascular fitness.With running you can also try sprinting which is helpful at your fastest speed for a few seconds.In or


     Aerobic exercise and its health benefits are triumphs and marvels for human being.It is aphysical activity which will make you sweat.When your heart starts beating faster and you start breathing harder,the by product of these two is sweat.It helps your cardiovascular health and also helps deliver oxygen to your body more efficiently.Since aerobic exercises use large muscle groups,they consequently leads to weight loss. Aerobic means how efficiently your body uses oxygen to meet its energy demand during high activity levels.Aerobic exercises gives health benefits such as weight loss.These are easy to follow,quickest in application and not all of them require equipment. Some key benefits of aerobic exercises are,it increased energy,boosted blood circulation,reduced extra fats,loss of weight,reduce tension and anxiety,improved sleep,reduce the risk of diabetes,increases endurance and helps in building a stronger body. For aerobic exercise and health benefits you may follow the fo