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Benefits of eating Tulsi leaves [Holy basil] in empty stomach :

TulsiTULSI is a  Sanskrit name of Holy Basil plant which is Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory herb.It has a number of health benefits.It provides your body the strength to cope with stress.Tulsi leaves can be consumed orally or applied in the form of a paste.Tulsi holds great religious significance in Hinduism.But overall it has a wide variety of health benefits.The seeds and leaves of this plant are used to make medicine for treating in various health problems by Ayurveda.
1. REDUCE STRESS :- Tulsi has a refreshing flavor and aroma of this medicinal plant which helps in reducing stress.It has a soothing effect on your body with mind and keeps anxiety at bay.If you suffering a tough situation in life or going through a great deal of stress,just take a glass of Tulsi tea for relief.You can also prepare a paste of its leaves and apply it on your forehead for relief.
[A] Boil a glass of water in a pan adding 5-7 tulsi leaves for a few minutes.
[B] Turn off the stove and make the drink cool,after that strain it and drink it.
[C] You may add cinnamon,cloves and black pepper to make it a herbal concoction.
2. TULSI TREATS DRY COUGH :- Dry cough takes a strong role on your health and your mood as well.The leaves and seeds of this plant are used to prepare herbal concoctions to boost immunity and to fight infections.For dry cough,Tulsi tea is the strongest remedy.It is effective for COMMON COLD and flu like symptoms.Tulsi tea boosts your respiratory system.
3. DIABETES CONTROL : - Tulsi tea can be a great remedy for controlling blood sugar levels.The properties of this tea stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin and reduce insulin resistance in the body.It prevents sudden blood sugar spikes in the body.
4. PREVENTS CANCER :- Tulsi tea neutralize the negative effects of free radicals on your body because it is Antioxidant property,thereby reducing the risk of CANCER.Anti-carcinogenic properties of this make it a reliable remedy for various types of cancer.
5. DEVELOP SLEEP PATTERNS :- Lake of sleep results in stress and anxiety,which further results in serious problems.Tulsi tea is a powerful remedy for this because it acts like a sedative.It relax your mind and allow it to go into a deep sleep which helps in reducing the risk of serious diseases.
6. DENTAL HEALTH :- Tulsi tea help you to fight a number of dental health problems.The active component in this tea removes cavity and plaque-causing bacteria.It also helps with bad breath problems.
7. HEART HEALTH :- Antioxidant properties of tulsi tea promote better heart health.They endurance the functions of the heart and protect it against serious health problems like heart strokes.This nutritious tea is one of the healthiest beverages for cardiovascular diseases. Tulsi tea enhances vision and memory power respectively.


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