How to tone muscles without bulking up :

athlete, biceps, blondeTo acquire tone muscle doesn't have to over complicated .If you persistently with dedication to it you may achieve a leaner,tighter body without having to gain muscle mass.If you willing to evaluate themselves accurately,make and track progress honestly and maintain their standards,they will be able to effectively tone and not bulk in the process.
Following are the best tips to make your muscles tone without bulking up...................
1. First and foremost SET A GOAL : The goal which help you stay motivated and serve as a remainder of why you are doing what you do.Ensure it is a realistic goal that can be met.The people are much more likely to succeed if a goal is set.
2.WEIGH YOURSELF : T he basic time to weigh yourself is upon walking up and on an empty stomach regularly.This baseline weight result will be useful in further calculations and planning which also assists you in determining whether you would like to aim to lose excess body fat as well.
3. CALCULATE YOUR DAILY CALORIES : Try to know how many calories your body is burning each day is vital in knowing how much to eat.This involves calculating your basic metabolic rate and using it in the Harris Benedict formula.
4. TAKE THE INITIAL PICTURES : This will be the biggest asset in tracking your progress of toning.Since the main focus is on visual changes,these pictures should be an unedited indication of where your journey starts.
5. IDENTIFY BAD HABITS : Bad habits like drinking alcohol,doing drugs,smoking,eating unhealthy foods excessively can hinder progress in many regards to your goal.Avoiding them or at least moderating them will improve results of your work.
                      Besides all of these create a journal,it will help pinpoint what possible reasons progress has halted or plateaued.
                      Create a routine,it makes you more successful.It includes daily tasks,a to-do list,allotment of time and eat a certain amount of calories.
                       Lift weights can assists in building muscles and burn body fat.
                       Diet with adequate protein to changing your body.This will help your muscles get the nutrients they need to develop.
                        Drink more water for your body to operate smoothly.especially under the stress of diet change and working your muscles,you must remain hydrated.
                        Take enough rest,since you are working out to tone them,they need time to recover before being worked again.
                         Finally,take progress pictures which help to track any visual differences your efforts have caused.

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