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Image result for image of hypertension patientHYPERTENSION it is a big big question and one of the non-communicable disease affecting a major portion of the present generation.Is it curable or treatable?The answer is,it is treatable to everyone,not curable except for a lucky few.
                          The common type of hypertension,the medical term for high blood pressure is called essential hypertension.Approximately 95% have this type of hypertension.The 'term essential' chosen only because it connotes that there is no immediate structural or hormonal cause for it,that could be really fixed,as for example,surgery.But what causes this type of hypertension?Nobody still not really sure about it,though not for lack of trying.The process is not totally understood,but what doctors noticed is that hypertension tends to run together with things like high cholesterol,diabetes,stroke and heart disease.Doctors also noticed that all those things are co-related with body mass index [BMI],obesity,and genetics because nothing can ever be that simple.
                          As per data from studies there is a large body of evidence that suggests people who lose weight,improves their diets,eat less salt can actually end up needing less medication to control their blood pressure over time and a few lucky peoples may end up not needing medication at all.Not all of people capable of going off medication completely,unfortunately,but most people who change their lifestyles to a healthier one through diet and exercise do end up having better controlled blood pressure afterwards.The same also applicable to the diabetics and high cholesterol's.


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