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Image result for image of leg exerciseOverall study says that leg exercises can be beneficial for the nervous system in the body.It found out that neurological health depends on the signals sent to brain by body's large leg muscles.
                   The study that conducted on mice,observed that the number of neural stem calls reduced significantly when their physical activity was decreased.When exercise was reduced severely,specialized cells like neurons and oligodendrocytes didn't maturely properly.This cells are responsible for supportive and insulating nerve cells.
                    Leg exercise is great for the nervous system :- Weight bearing exercises using leg can send signals to the brain and assist production of beneficial neural cells which are important for the brain and nervous system.When you cut back on exercising,it makes difficult for the body to produce new cells which are the building blocks for hanging stress and adapting to challenges in life.Furthermore,it can reduce the amount of oxygen in the body.This creates room for anaerobic environment in the body and alerts metabolism.
                    According to researchers results,shed light on various important health issues which arise from living a sedentary lifestyle.These include cardio-vascular atrophy and numerous others.Leg exercises have numerous health benefits.From building strength to boosting metabolism and gaining muscles,there are numerous ways in which leg exercises benefit the body.
LEG EXERCISES give a boost to metabolism :- Moving largest muscles of the body require a lot of ENERGY.Squats and deadlifts engage almost every muscle in the body.They give a great boost to metabolism.
                     Leg exercises require upper body strength,mental strength and functional strength.These can be both physically and mentally challenging.Deadlifts,squats and lunges are some exercises which require a great deal of mental endurance.They engage the entire upper body along with the lower body.From chest muscles to abs and arms,nearly all muscles are at work when you are at work when you are doing leg exercises.
                     Finally,leg exercises help improving functional strength which helps you become faster and have an improved athletic performance.Functional strength helps in making these functional tasks much easier,even if you aren't in to sports.


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