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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The most effective Yoga for muscle building :

YOGA IS THE SCIENCE OF HEALTH.             Tomorrow will be the International Yoga day 2018.Everybody know that Yoga is comfortable and suitable for people of all ages which can be performed by young and old as well.Performing Yoga regularly reduces the risk for many serious health problems.Yoga increase years of life and improves overall health.Yoga provides relief from stress and anxiety,calming the mind and body.Yoga helps to lose weight,tone body and get back in shape.Yoga is a strenuous exercise which will offer a wide range of health benefits to both male and female.International Day of Yoga,unofficially and commonly referred to as Yoga Day,which aims to raise awareness worldwide of the number of benefits of performing Yoga.Since 21st June of 2015 it is celebrated every year.There are a number of Yoga poses for building muscles,some of most effective poses are as following :-
1. DOWNWARD FACING DOG POSE :- It is a full body stretch pose which is very good to build muscles.It strengthen hips,hamstrings,back,calves and shoulders.It tones muscles and strengthens the spine and muscles of the chest,increasing the lung capacity.It increases blood circulation to brain which help to calm the mind.
2. THE STANDING FORWARD BEND POSE :- This pose strengthens the thighs and knees.It stretches the calves and hamstrings and muscles of the spine while calming mind.
3. THE MOUNTAIN POSE :- This pose works on thighs and core.It strengthens legs,knees,ankles,buttocks and lower abdomen.It improves posture and builds a firm foundation for all other standing.
4 WARRIOR 1 POSE :-This pose is generally performed during the Sun Salutation sequence.It strengthens the ankles,calves and thighs.It stretches the chest,lungs,shoulders and stomach.It also improves balance.
5. CHAIR POSE :- This pose helps to build strength in the ankles,shoulders,quadriceps and glutes.It is also effective for building stability and stimulating the abdominal organs.It balances the body and brings determination to the mind.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Papaya its health benefits,specially in weight loss :

Papaya is a juicy fruit which is known for its weight loss benefits among many others.It is packed with fiber,folate and vitamins.Papaya is a great choice for people who is trying to loss weight with a natural ways.Papaya is a very delicious fruit which is good for digestive health.It is a soft and fleshy fruit rich in nutrients that offer a wide variety of health benefits.It detoxifies liver,reduces the risk of heart disease,cancer and improves glucose control in people with diabetes. According to Nutrition Research showed that people eat more vegetables and fruits,like papaya lost more weight.Papaya is low in calories but very rich in Vitamins and minerals,making it an excellent fat loss fruit.If anyone trying to lose a few extra weights probably know that keeping a track of calories is very crucial when it comes to losing or maintaining weight.Here three key points why eating papaya is a good option for burning belly fat naturally.These are as following :- 1. PAPAYA IS RICH IN VITAMIN C :- Vitamin C which is important for a number of different body functions including weight loss.Studies showed that who consumed high amounts of Vitamin C oxidized 30% more fat during exercise than those who consumed lower amounts of Vitamin C.It is also essential for wound healing,preventing heart diseases and protecting against certain types of cancer.Papaya is an excellent source that helps to remove toxins from the body.By eliminating and removing the toxins,it will boost metabolism and help to lose weight.The antioxidants in papaya help in boosting immune system. 2. PAPAYA IS HIGH FIBER AND WATER CONTENT :- Adding more fiber to diet can help to lose weight much faster.Papaya is high in fiber and water content,both are beneficial for weight loss.Fiber promotes feelings of fullness and helps reduce appetite,preventing to overeat or consume too many calories.Fiber promotes digestion and proper bowel movement,which in turn supports weight loss. 3. PAPAYA CONTAINS PAPAIN :- It contains papain,a digestive enzyme that has been shown to help digest proteins and clean the intestinal walls.The thing is that a good digestive system kick starts the body's metabolic rate,which increases the fat burning process. So if somebody want to be slim and shed to lose weight they may start adding Papaya in their daily diet.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Yoga for weight loss and its other health benefits.

Woman With Black Sports Bra and Black Leggings Doing YogaEverybody know the triumphs and marvels of Yoga and its health benefits.Performing yoga regularly helps in burning calories and a great deal in regulating health both physically and mentally.

                 Everybody aware of the fact that to remain fit and keep up good health it's important to include some form of physical activity in daily routine.Whether trying to lose a few extra kilos or maintain weight,following a healthy diet plan and exercising regularly can help to achieve goals and prevent a range of health problems,including heart diseases,stroke,high blood pressure,diabetes,and certain types of cancer.Exercise in any form is beneficial to the health,Yoga is one of the best natural ways for weight loss.
                 YOGA improves flexibility and pain tolerance.It improves bowel movements and helps prevent digestive issues,including constipation.Yoga helps reduce stress,lower blood pressure,improve respiratory system and heart rate.It helps build muscle and shed calories from the body,thereby aiding in weight loss.Following are the reasons for opting Yoga to shed weights and prevent excess belly fats............
1. TOTAL BODY WORKOUT :- Yoga is the most effective way to tone the body naturally and stay in shape.It has the great ability to work the entire body,especially when anyone perform the right sequences together.That is why it work as the complete body workout and while strengthening the core.
2. YOGA CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE :- One of the great things about Yoga is that it can be done anywhere,anytime as per convenience.It can be performed at home,outside or in small spaces without any equipment.Moreover Yoga is suitable for people of all ages.Overall,Yoga benefits to entire body,externally and internally.It gives complete control over both body and mind,which helps in minimizing the risk of diseases.
3. YOGA BURNS CALORIES AND MAKES LEAN :- Performing Yoga on a daily basis can help to burn those extra calories,which means one do not need to perform cardio exercise separately to burn fat.There are a number of Yoga that increase heart rate during the parts of the session-Astanga,Sun salutations and others.These asanas also help to make muscles functional,helping body to become leaner and fitter.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Two most effective Yoga to lose weight and belly fat :

There Women in a Yoga SessionIf anybody want to lose a few kilos or improve overall life,or increase flexibility ,then Yoga has it all.Physical benefits of Yoga are well known to all,the mental benefits are just as important.Regular Yoga improves mind body connection   which gives a better awareness of body and is crucial for successful weight loss.Yoga helps to treat obesity,which makes life lethargic and sedentary.Being obese or overweight puts at high risk of developing serious health conditions,including high blood pressure,high cholesterol,heart disease,depression,diabetes,and joint ailments.
Losing weight make good look with feeling better and help to avoid further health complications.The composition of regular exercise with healthy diet is a way of shedding the excess weight and maintaining overall health.Yoga is an effective factor for weight loss.It can help to burn unwanted body fat from the inside out.
Yoga breathing exercises are the best ways to lose belly fat.It is known as Pranayama.These exercises boost metabolism which helps to burn fats and lead to weight loss.
Following are the most effective and very simple breathing exercises to get rid of stubborn belly fat and regain health :-
                           BREATH OF FIRE [Bhastrika ] :- This is a powerful and energetic breathing exercise which raises metabolic function and burns fat faster.It also helps in asthma,respiratory problems,thyroid and gives calmness to the mind.
                           Try this exercise by this way :- Sit on by lotus pose with back and neck straight,and eyes closed.Relax stomach muscles and place your palms on your knees.Inhale deeply,filling the lungs with air and gently exhale.Inhale and exhale should take the same length of time about 2.5 seconds to breath both.Expand and contract your diaphragm in tandem with your breathing.You may repeat it for 5-10 minutes.
                            SKULL PURIFICATION [Kapalbhati] :- It is an exceptional way to lose weight naturally.This can help control obesity.It improves digestion and is helpful for all kinds of breathing problem and good health.
                            To do Skull Purification,sit on the floor with folded legs or padmasana,keeping your eyes closed and your neck and back straight.After that take a deep breath through your both nostrils gently and exhale forcefully so that your stomach will go deep inside.When you exhale you will feel some pressure in your abdomen.Repeat this process for at least 5 minutes.
If anyone do these breathing exercises regularly along with a healthy diet plan it will surely give long term benefits.

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Usages of Triphala and its health benefits :

Image result for image of triphalaTRIPHALA is known as the Nectar of life which contains Indian gooseberry or amalaki,baheda or bibhitaki,and chebulic myrobalan or haritaki.It is a polyherbal Ayurvedic medicine.Every single herb is blessed with medicinal properties good enough to treat a whole lot of health conditions.These three herbs are taken equally in quantities and blended together to make the triphala powder.It has the ability to rejuvenate your body,strengthen organs specially ,the organs of your gastrointestinal system.
                              THE MOST AMAZING HEALTH BENEFITS OF TRIPHALA :-
[A] BOOSTS DIGESTION :- Triphala strengthens the organs of your digestive system.Triphala helps you get your food moving along your digestive tract.It improves the frequency and consistency of stools by making digestion more effectively.Laxative benefits of triphala boost you gut health.
[B] WEIGHT LOSS :- Triphala prevents unnecessary fat storage,burns the fat taken with your food.
[C] TRIPHALA MANAGE DIABETES :- Every constituent of triphala is hypoglycemic so it is prescribed for better blood sugar control in diabetics.
[D] BEST MANAGEMENT OF GASTRIC ULCERS :- Triphala is one of the best natural remedies for better management of gastric ulcers.According to studies,it strengthens the mucous the enzymes of the stomach and restores the negative effects of oxidative stress due to free radicals.
[E] FIGHTS WITH URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS :- In some cases it becomes harder to treat due to antibiotic resistance.The bacteria responsible for such an infection stop responding to conventional treatment options.In such a case,the best treatment option is triphala.Research shows that the all natural properties of this herb can be quite helpful in treating UTIs.The best part of this treatment is free from reactions and side effects.
[F] HEALING WOUNDS AND SUNBURNS :- In summer season in which the possibility of frequent sunburns.Wearing sunscreens and covering yourself properly is one way of dealing with it.Triphala is the other way of topical application.It helps you to get rid of sunburns and wounds naturally and at a quicker pace as compared to other chemical ointments.
[G] PROTECTS FROM DENTAL PROBLEMS :-Plaque is the major problems which can result in cavities and gum disease.Regular consumption of triphala keeps dental problems at bay.The antimicrobial properties of this herb can help you fight oxidative stress better than commercial toothpastes.
[H] FIGHTING INFECTIONS AND BOOSTING IMMUNITY :- Triphala has the ability to boost your overall immunity and fight infections and keeping you free from serious health conditions.Research  declares that triphala effectively fights pathogens like E COLI and Salmonella.   Taking this powder every day can prevent you from falling ill too often.