The most effective Yoga for muscle building :

YOGA IS THE SCIENCE OF HEALTH.             Tomorrow will be the International Yoga day 2018.Everybody know that Yoga is comfortable and suitable for people of all ages which can be performed by young and old as well.Performing Yoga regularly reduces the risk for many serious health problems.Yoga increase years of life and improves overall health.Yoga provides relief from stress and anxiety,calming the mind and body.Yoga helps to lose weight,tone body and get back in shape.Yoga is a strenuous exercise which will offer a wide range of health benefits to both male and female.International Day of Yoga,unofficially and commonly referred to as Yoga Day,which aims to raise awareness worldwide of the number of benefits of performing Yoga.Since 21st June of 2015 it is celebrated every year.There are a number of Yoga poses for building muscles,some of most effective poses are as following :-
1. DOWNWARD FACING DOG POSE :- It is a full body stretch pose which is very good to build muscles.It strengthen hips,hamstrings,back,calves and shoulders.It tones muscles and strengthens the spine and muscles of the chest,increasing the lung capacity.It increases blood circulation to brain which help to calm the mind.
2. THE STANDING FORWARD BEND POSE :- This pose strengthens the thighs and knees.It stretches the calves and hamstrings and muscles of the spine while calming mind.
3. THE MOUNTAIN POSE :- This pose works on thighs and core.It strengthens legs,knees,ankles,buttocks and lower abdomen.It improves posture and builds a firm foundation for all other standing.
4 WARRIOR 1 POSE :-This pose is generally performed during the Sun Salutation sequence.It strengthens the ankles,calves and thighs.It stretches the chest,lungs,shoulders and stomach.It also improves balance.
5. CHAIR POSE :- This pose helps to build strength in the ankles,shoulders,quadriceps and glutes.It is also effective for building stability and stimulating the abdominal organs.It balances the body and brings determination to the mind.

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