Two most effective Yoga to lose weight and belly fat :

There Women in a Yoga SessionIf anybody want to lose a few kilos or improve overall life,or increase flexibility ,then Yoga has it all.Physical benefits of Yoga are well known to all,the mental benefits are just as important.Regular Yoga improves mind body connection   which gives a better awareness of body and is crucial for successful weight loss.Yoga helps to treat obesity,which makes life lethargic and sedentary.Being obese or overweight puts at high risk of developing serious health conditions,including high blood pressure,high cholesterol,heart disease,depression,diabetes,and joint ailments.
Losing weight make good look with feeling better and help to avoid further health complications.The composition of regular exercise with healthy diet is a way of shedding the excess weight and maintaining overall health.Yoga is an effective factor for weight loss.It can help to burn unwanted body fat from the inside out.
Yoga breathing exercises are the best ways to lose belly fat.It is known as Pranayama.These exercises boost metabolism which helps to burn fats and lead to weight loss.
Following are the most effective and very simple breathing exercises to get rid of stubborn belly fat and regain health :-
                           BREATH OF FIRE [Bhastrika ] :- This is a powerful and energetic breathing exercise which raises metabolic function and burns fat faster.It also helps in asthma,respiratory problems,thyroid and gives calmness to the mind.
                           Try this exercise by this way :- Sit on by lotus pose with back and neck straight,and eyes closed.Relax stomach muscles and place your palms on your knees.Inhale deeply,filling the lungs with air and gently exhale.Inhale and exhale should take the same length of time about 2.5 seconds to breath both.Expand and contract your diaphragm in tandem with your breathing.You may repeat it for 5-10 minutes.
                            SKULL PURIFICATION [Kapalbhati] :- It is an exceptional way to lose weight naturally.This can help control obesity.It improves digestion and is helpful for all kinds of breathing problem and good health.
                            To do Skull Purification,sit on the floor with folded legs or padmasana,keeping your eyes closed and your neck and back straight.After that take a deep breath through your both nostrils gently and exhale forcefully so that your stomach will go deep inside.When you exhale you will feel some pressure in your abdomen.Repeat this process for at least 5 minutes.
If anyone do these breathing exercises regularly along with a healthy diet plan it will surely give long term benefits.

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