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The Workout And Diet Plan For Losing 34kgs In 4 Months :

The overweight causes a number of health problems like     Hypothyroidism.A number of people are suffering from this problem and follow various way to loss weight non formally like subscription of 2-3 gyms,diet plans and never get any luck in cutting it off,thereby wasted money.Nothing can divert you from your weight loss journey if you have a clear goal.On reaching a weight loss plateau,it is quite possible ti lose focus.                Here are the ways that you can loss weight at about 34 kgs in 4 months. 1. Join A Gym :- If you determined to lose weight then join a gym and get started to gain information on nutrition how the metabolism works and to customize your workout plan.Start your journey with your own fitness coach,and soon the result started showing up. 1 [i] :- The Workout :- Start workout in the morning generally and for six days in a week like training each muscle twice a week.The workout regime involves strength training followed by 15-20 minutes of High Interval In

Total Body Pilates Exercises :

Pilates is a unique exercise thereby aims towards building core strength,toning and flexibility of body in the right way.It was invented by Joseph Pilates which is popular regime in the west.It is the new favorite workout in B-town,contrary to popular belief which is not derived from yoga and is not only for women.Here are some sample workout for beginners on how they should start their journey as follows :-                                                                   The Main Workout : The Hundred :-Lie on the floor with a firm back,lift your legs up while keeping them straight at an 80 degree angle and need to pump arms up and down not more than 20 degrees,keep core stretched in. Hundred with split leg :- It is also same as above,except one leg is at 90 and other at 20 degrees. Teaser :- It is a part of classic Pilates thereby needs to be done to build strength and flexibility.To do this you need to lie on the floor,bend knees and stretch arms forward,lift torso up and mov

Super Foods To Prevent Runners Itch :

                                                                                   If you have already motivated to get up early in the morning with high spirits,you are on a good run  and shed a couple of minutes off your pace.At the time of running there comes a urge to scratch legs,that is Itch.It is a severe intensity which is quite uncomfortable,annoying and embarrassing at the same time as well.The Itching would only increase with time,making scratch legs endlessly.According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner 'A fat-free diet leads to this condition as the fat soluble nutrients are unavailable to the body.To prevent of runners Itch,it is essential to include healthy fats in diet.One should also try foods which are Anti-Inflammatory as they heal excessive internal Dryness.'If you have this type of experience and wish to prevent from this problem,then here is a list of super foods which can help you.The list is as following :- 1. COCONUT OIL :- To pr

The Highest Calorie Burning Exercises :

                                                                                        It is well known to all that workout important  in order to burn calories or to weight loss.The debate between cardio and weight lifting,which is better for burn calories experts admit that any one can burn more calories with cardio.Moreover experts also argue that the amount of prolonged calorie burning effect that weight training brings along does not happen in case of cardio exercises alone.                         Here are some highest calorie burning cardio exercises that burn almost calories as follows :- 1. SPRINTS :- Sprinting is an most effective calorie burner.Be it sprinting on a slant or on the stairs.When done in high intensity,it can burn up to 890 calories in an hour.The harder you push yourself the better will be the results. 2. SKIPPING :- The skipping rope  it is a little trick that we learned growing up is quite handy when it comes to burning maximum calories and takes

Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava :

                                                                                               Guava which is popularly known as Amrood in Hindi also known as Sand Plum.Guava is round or oval in shape with light green or light yellow skin and the colour of its flesh varies from white or pink to dark red and has edible seeds.It has unique flavor and fragrance,and has been hailed as one of the super fruits due to the numerous health benefits.                  Guava is a Powerhouse of nutrients.It is rich in vitamin C,lycopene and antioxidants which are beneficial for Skin.It is also rich in manganese which helps the body to absorb other nutrients from the food that we eat.It contain folate,a mineral which helps promote fertility.The potassium in guavas helps normalize blood pressure levels as well.Since it contains almost 80% of water it helps keep skin hydrated. The amazing health benefits of Guava are as follows : 1. Prevent Cancer :- Lycopene,quercetin,vitamin C and other polyphen

Some important Tips for staying cool and healthy in this Summer season :

Everybody have dealt with summer heat and have hated it most of the time.A number of problems arise like sweat,dehydration,skin eruptions this summer.So to fight against these diseases it is important to consume more Alkaline foods in order to fight the heat in the body.Use water-rich foods that will not only re-hydrate body but also have antioxidants that keep healthy.                    Here are some ways to keep cool and healthy this summer and make sure follow them to beat the heat...................... 1. Avoid foods that heat you up :- The foods like sour fruits,beetroots,citrus fruits,and carrots that tend to heat up your body.Limit the intake of garlic,chili,tomato,sour cream and salted cheese to avoid hampering your system.Add more salads as they are cooling,especially when eaten for lunch.You should try to avoid dark meats because they heat up your body. 2. Use Pitta Pacifying Foods :- Add up on water-rich fruits like watermelon,apples,pears,plums,prunes and berrie

The ways of making our heart healthy and strong :

WANT TO KEEP HEART HEALTHY AND STRONG?THEN AVOID TRAVELLING TO HIGH ALTITUDES.                       When your heart become strong and healthy it signifies that you are a fit and dynamic person of this planet.So everybody should try to keep the heart healthy and strong at any cost.Research studies suggest that if you exercise at high altitudes,it puts extra pressure on your heart.Lower amount of oxygen in the air in the mountains leads to a decrease in the volume of blood circulating.                        According to recent study it found that the decrease in volume of blood and increase in blood pressure can both play a role in the reduction in the volume of blood the heart can pump with each beat,but more importantly neither of these factors affects our ability to perform maximal exercise.                        THE IMPORTANT 3 MORE THING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR HEART HEALTH :- 1. BLOOD GROUP CAN INCREASE RISK OF HEART ATTACK :- Study from Society of Cardiology,fo