Super Foods To Prevent Runners Itch :

People Doing Marathon                                                                                   If you have already motivated to get up early in the morning with high spirits,you are on a good run  and shed a couple of minutes off your pace.At the time of running there comes a urge to scratch legs,that is Itch.It is a severe intensity which is quite uncomfortable,annoying and embarrassing at the same time as well.The Itching would only increase with time,making scratch legs endlessly.According to Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Practitioner 'A fat-free diet leads to this condition as the fat soluble nutrients are unavailable to the body.To prevent of runners Itch,it is essential to include healthy fats in diet.One should also try foods which are Anti-Inflammatory as they heal excessive internal Dryness.'If you have this type of experience and wish to prevent from this problem,then here is a list of super foods which can help you.The list is as following :-
1. COCONUT OIL :- To prevent runner's Itch coconut oil can do wonders for skin and the best way to use coconut oil is by applying it on legs gently.Thus this kitchen ingredient help to prevent Itching.
2. GHEE :- This is an excellent source of essential containing fatty acids which can induce hydration in the skin cells.Pure Ghee is also a best source of healthy fats which can keep the problem of Dry skin at bay.
3. OILY FISH :- Oily Fish in which contain Omega-3s such as Salmon,Herring and Mackerel,could help to prevent of runner's Itch,as it can heal internal dryness by building up layer of lipids that retain moisture beneath the skin.
4. FLAXSEEDS :- Inflammation is one of the main causes of this problem.Adding Flaxseeds in daily diet can play an important role,as it is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids which produce anti-inflammatory effect in the body.
5. CHIA SEEDS :- These are a powerhouse of various health benefits which have the right balance of fatty acids and loaded with flavonols that help to promote anti-inflammatory responses.

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