The Highest Calorie Burning Exercises :

stock photo, running, speed, sports, run, woman, fast, athlete, athletics, motivation, sprint                                                                                        It is well known to all that workout important  in order to burn calories or to weight loss.The debate between cardio and weight lifting,which is better for burn calories experts admit that any one can burn more calories with cardio.Moreover experts also argue that the amount of prolonged calorie burning effect that weight training brings along does not happen in case of cardio exercises alone.
                        Here are some highest calorie burning cardio exercises that burn almost calories as follows :-
1. SPRINTS :- Sprinting is an most effective calorie burner.Be it sprinting on a slant or on the stairs.When done in high intensity,it can burn up to 890 calories in an hour.The harder you push yourself the better will be the results.
2. SKIPPING :- The skipping rope  it is a little trick that we learned growing up is quite handy when it comes to burning maximum calories and takes some space to do.Adding weights to the skipping rope will amp up the effect accordingly.Skip as many times without breaking the momentum.120 jumps in minute is ideal and it will burn up to 900 calories in an hour.
3. RUNNING :-Running can burn up to 780 calories in an hour.If you manage to run at a steady pace stay rest assured that your body will be burning calories whole the day.
4. Circuit Workout Using Kettlebell :-It can help you burn calories through the day.Its best to switch between upper and lower body movements.Take a break of 15 seconds after three cycles.You can burn 750 calories in an hour.
5. KICKBOXING :-You can burn up to 800 calories in an hour by kickboxing.So here is the deal if you want your kickboxing sessions to be intensive calorie burners keep your break period to a maximum of 30 seconds.So it will be 90 second of kicking and jabbing followed by 30 seconds of rest.

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