Total Body Pilates Exercises :

Three Women Doing Yoga
Pilates is a unique exercise thereby aims towards building core strength,toning and flexibility of body in the right way.It was invented by Joseph Pilates which is popular regime in the west.It is the new favorite workout in B-town,contrary to popular belief which is not derived from yoga and is not only for women.Here are some sample workout for beginners on how they should start their journey as follows :-
                                                                  The Main Workout :
The Hundred :-Lie on the floor with a firm back,lift your legs up while keeping them straight at an 80 degree angle and need to pump arms up and down not more than 20 degrees,keep core stretched in.
Hundred with split leg :- It is also same as above,except one leg is at 90 and other at 20 degrees.
Teaser :- It is a part of classic Pilates thereby needs to be done to build strength and flexibility.To do this you need to lie on the floor,bend knees and stretch arms forward,lift torso up and move forward.When come back down move arms in circular motion and repeat this circuit of going up coming down with arms circles eight times
Teaser 2 :- This is also same as teaser 1 where need to lift one leg up at 60 degrees also need to stretch arms forward and pull up and come down while being in the same position,repeat the same to the other side.
Rolling like a ball :- Lie on the floor bend legs and bring them closer to chest,let arms hug legs tightly then roll up and down like a ball.It will massage your back.
Single Leg Stretches :-Lift legs at 40 degree angle remaining on the floor,stretch arms forward.lift body a little above the floor and bend right leg.Straighten leg and bend the other leg.Repeat this circuit till complete 8 reps each.
Mermaid preparation :- Lie on side with the help of arm,lift body up.Other arm should swing up and down while body lifts up and goes back down,do not touch the floor.Repeat it on the other side same way.
Mermaid Full :- Sit on side then straighten legs and bend them while arm goes up and down.Let the other arm support body from the side.Repeat the circuit on the other side as well.
Leg Series [up and down] :- Remain lying on the side,support head with hand while bending elbow,lift the leg facing upward and bring it down.not to lift leg more than 40 degrees.Repeat the same circuit with the other leg.[Short].
Leg Series [up and down long] ;- Lift legs up and down,but this time legs need to go up 90 degrees and then brought down,bend it and then lift it again respectively.
Leg Series [side passe] :-Position will be the same.However ,you need not to bend legs,keep them straight while lifting them and bringing them down.
Small beats :- Lie down on abdomen,keeping arms bent and under head.Lift legs at 30 degree above ground level,flap them like a penguin in and out.
Animal Jumps :- Come on fours,then move back while stretching arms and lift body in the push up position,come back by bending knees.Repeat this eight times.
Swimming :- Here need to flap legs up and down as the small beat exercise.
Prone Leg up and Push up :- Take push up position,then come up on toes,lift one leg up and move back and forth on toes.After that go down for a push up and come back up.Repeat this circuit of moving on toes.Do the other leg at same circuit.
Little Piece Of Heaven :- Sit on with knees bent,toes should touch each each other while calf is parallel to hips.Then stretch torso forward with a straight back and go down.Arms should remain stretched and exhale deeply while in this position.

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