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Calorie burned Standing vs Walking ;

    Standing is a very good exercise.Any movement constitutes exercise,it has innumerable benefits by standing.During standing fat will be burning automatically,instead sitting and when you sit body's metabolism goes for a toss,but just standing can turn the tables for you.Studies show that during standing ,your body starts burning fat,but it was storing during sitting.The enzymes in blood vessels of muscles responsible for fat burning are shut off during sitting. Standing vs Walking : If anybody think that standing can do justice to day's walking schedule and replace it,it is not true.Although standing is surely a better habit than sitting,walking is better than standing.Standing would burn about 190 calories in an hour and sitting would burn only 130 also contribute to fat storage.Walking can burn up to 320 calories in the same time,but walking may not be possible always as standing. Need to get up from seat : The job compelled to sit,so it is recommended that for e

Barley or jau the desi drink which may be the key to weight loss as well as belly fat :

of Although weight loss is not an easy task,but it is possible by dedicating through healthy eating,with healthy foods,engage in exercises or any other physical activities and a healthy lifestyle.It may look easy but it is easier said done.Following a strict diet there are certain foods and drinks that may help stimulate weight loss journey and make it slightly easier.Barley water is one of the best Stimulator .Barley is a fibre-rich grain that comes by the category of whole grains like oats and whole wheat that are known as weight loss and belly fat.Health expert vouch for barley water an effective way to lose weight naturally. Barley is also known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body with beta glucan.Barley has cholesterol fighting soluble fiber that keeps cholesterol levels in check.It helps flush out toxins from the body if it consumption regularly.Barley water promotes weight loss as it regulates blood sugar level as it has low glycaemic index.It is also said to

The best fun ways to stay cool and fit in This Monsoon season :

    The Monsoon as well as the Summer are the season of sarongs,sporting shorts,flirty diseases,swimsuits to emerge from winter hibernation.It is the time to work twice as harder to get back in shape.When the heat and humidity comes,how does one should follow the fitness routine.There are a lots of ways to stay dynamic,healthy and also  a lot of fun.One can mix and match more than one act depending on the weather.Here are some simple and easy ways to stay dynamic and fit as follows :- 1. Swimming :- Swimming is the most effective total body workout.During exercise the water will keep one cool.A number of kicking and where from the body will get toned from head to toe.If somebody unable to swim they can walk at a constant pace inside water is a great way to workout.Pools in many parts of the country are remain open during the monsoon seasons and swimming in the rainy season has its own charm. 2. Indoor Rock Climbing :- It increases stamina,strengthens back and core,builds upper

The easy and best yoga for weight loss :

                                       YOGA habits help the mind to be calm and it is very much effective way to get in shape also greatly effective for weight loss.Here are some of them which will ensure you the correct way of attaining your desired body weight,if these done diligently. 1. Dhanurasana [Bow Pose] :- This bow pose helps to reduce the belly fat and tone the throat muscles,groin,the thighs,ankle,front of the body and Psoas major muscles. 2. Roaring Pose [Simhasana] :- This yoga strengthens the lungs,throat and voice and it tones the facial muscles,especially the very irritating double-chin.To perform it kneel on the floor,cross your ankles with feet point towards.Place palms on the knees,spread out palms and then press them against each knee firmly.While inhaling ,open your mouth and stretch out the tongue.Curl the tip of it towards the chin keeping your eyes wide open,ensure the throat's muscles get contracted.Then exhale through your mouth to elicit a 'Ha'

Awesome Benefits Of Honey For Wound Healing,Weight Loss And Many More :

    HONEY is the Golden Gift from nature which has been used since ancient times as both a food and    medicine.Honey provides several health benefits which has high levels of fructose, and glucose,it contains about 70-80 % sugar and provides its sweetness. Class of Honey ;- There are several types of honey like Liquid,Comb,Creamed,Granulated and Chunk Honey. Uses of honey :-Honey promotes burn and wound healing.It can help in healing wounds and burns by applying honey.According to a study,it found that it is most effective at healing partial thickness burns and wounds that have become infected after surgery.It is an effective treatment for diabetic foot ulcers,which are very serious complications and can lead to amputation.Honey has healing powers come from its antibacterial and inflammatory effects,as well as its ability to nourish the surrounding tissue which is believed by researchers.Honey can do wonders to treat other skin problems like psoriasis,hemorrhoids and

Benefits Of Yoga - power Yoga Benefits

  Benefits Of Yoga - Power Yoga is a great way to combine the Physical,Mental and Spiritual benefits of yoga with high intensity,calorie burning exercise.It strengthens body,increases flexibility and promotes stamina,weight loss as well as improving posture and balance. Reasons why incorporate Power Yoga in daily life :- [a] Flexibility on fleek :- Though exercises help in increasing body flexibility,power yoga,because of the aerobic energy it exudes,takes flexibility game to the next level. [b] Power yoga Enhances Concentration :- Power yoga is known as to improve the ability to concentrate in human beings also sharpen their memories.After a power yoga session,the mind is in a relaxed state,which in turn,allows the brain to function at a lightning speed and give undivided attention to the things that matter. [c] Power to Endure :- There is always a limit what both body and minds can endure and if anybody want to push his/her boundaries,physically and otherwise incorporate p

The Best And Easy Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms :

    It is very important to build arm shape perfect with body movement.The word stubborn describes arm fat justly.However  there is a moment of hesitation when you want to wear sleeveless dress or a tube top.If you want to tone your arm here are some easy exercises that you can do at home easily,these are as follows :- 1. Shoulder Press :- To do this exercise stand with feet shoulder width-apart with dumbbells in both hands as suitable weights as for you.At this point elbows should be out at 90 degree angle with dumbbells by your shoulders.Then extend your hands from your elbow taking the weights above your head and come back to the starting position with repeating 10-15 times. 2. Bicep ;- To do bicep exercise stand with feet shoulder width-apart with weights in both hands,bending from your elbow and bring your fist to your shoulder.Repeat it alternatively from both hands 10- 15 times. 3. Arnold Press :- Stand with feet hip width-apart with weights in hands bringing arms up an

Benefits Of Flossing For Gum Health :

    Flossing is a very important part of healthy dental routine which should be regular to keep teeth strong and healthy.It cleans those parts of the teeth where toothbrush unable to reach.Flossing can make teeth look brighter. Brushing only prevents 50% of gum problems.So it is important to floss along with brushing for a healthy gum.Flossing helps to remove food particles which can not be seen in the mirror and helps to improve oral hygiene,also prevents tooth decay which can reduce risk of developing gum disease by removing plaque.It also helps to get rid of gum swelling and redness. The Reasons Why Should Floss Regularly :- 1. Prevents Bad Breath :- If dental plaque is not cleaned or the cleaning is left incomplete,it goes on to occupy the space between the teeth.This releases a bad smell in the mouth.Plaque is the major reason of bad smell.Gum diseases and tooth decay caused by dental plaque are sources of bad breath. 2. Removes Plaque :- Flossing is a good way to remov


    Leg exercises are very very important as well as upper body workouts.Focus on lower body and work towards getting Toned Legs,Thighs and Butt by supper effective exercises for both men and women which will strengthen,tighten and tone butt,quads,hamstrings and calves.These exercises will work towards body sculpting and provide advantageous benefits like relieving lower back pain,increasing metabolism,improving balance,increasing energy level etc. The most effective super exercises are as follows :- 1. LUNGES :- This is an easy and efficient exercise to get those muscular legs.It helps in providing better balance being more functional superior symmetry,increased hip flexibility,improved glute activation,better core stability,spinal deloading and others. Perform Lunges by standing up straight with feet hip width apart and flat on the ground,place right foot forward on the ground,heel first.Lean the body forward keeping back and upper body straight.Hold this position and lower t


    There are a number of parasitic worms which can reside in the human body,that can cause an infection which can lead to symptoms like stomach ache,nausea,swelled face,fever,diarrhea etc.This can be serious as the infection interferes with the mental and physical health of children,that putting their future at high risk.The common worms are hookworms,tapeworms,threadworms,flukes and trichinosis worms.National Health Mission launched a campaign in February 2015 with the aim to deworm all the children from 1-19 year of age.National Deworming Day is an initiative by the Ministry Of Health and Family Welfare that focuses on reducing the rate of parasitic worm infection which effects approx 241 million children in India every year. The day celebrated all the country distributing deworming tablets for free in all pre-primary schools,schools and anganwadis.These are safe but may have some side effects like diarrhoea,vomiting and nausea. The infection may be caused when inge


    Children's health is a global matter of concern.According to WHO obese children tend to fall prey to lifestyle diseases to the extent of 60-70% when they reach their 30s and 40s,the most productive years of their lives. Reports provided by Journal Of Endocrinology and Metabolism shows that 5.74-8.82% school children in India are obese.A study published in Pediatric Obesity Predicts that India will have about 17 million obese children by 2025.Another report shows that about 97,000 children suffer from type 1 diabetes. Sedentary lifestyle and Poor eating habit among children are two of the major reasons for the declining levels of physical fitness in children,leading to childhood obesity,diabetes and other diseases. Health and fitness education provided in schools is seen as an important factor in dealing with this health issue.Experts noticed that the physical education programs being pursued by the schools in India obsolete or inadequate in addressing the emerging


    Sabja[Basil]seeds is known as Tukmaria sweet basil seeds and Tulsi seeds.These seeds help reduce body heat,control blood sugar levels,relieve constipation and bloating and treat acidity and heartburn.Sabja seeds are also known to be great for skin and hair.These are rich in antioxidants and have immunity boosting properties.Basil seeds contain a lot of fiber which is good to lose weight efficiently. Let us come to about Sabja[Basil]seeds,how it works for weight loss :-Basil[Sabja]seeds are full of fiber content which keeps stomach fuller for longer time reduces appetite,further prevent overeating and unnecessary cravings.These are also a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid[ALA]that comes from high levels of omega-3 fatty acids present in the seeds which help in stimulating the fat burning metabolism in the body.According to a study American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition,consumption of Linolenic acid daily results in fat loss.Basil seeds are low in calories and high in nut

The Best Lower Back Exercises That Can Be Done At Office To Relieve From Pain :

     Lower back pain is gender agnostic that is it attacks both men and women equally.It is the most common cause of job related disability.It can range in intensity from a dull,constant pain to a sudden,sharp sensation that leaves the person incapacitated.SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES are the main cause of lower back pain.The most pain cases are acute or short term and the pain lasts a few days to a few weeks.It tends to resolve on its own with self-care and there is no residual loss of function.The lower back area provides structural support,movement and protection of certain body tissues.Hence most of the employees spend their working hours sitting,lower back is subjected to a lot of stress and strain due to weight of the upper body which caused to conditions affecting the bony lumber spine,discs between the vertebrae,ligaments around the spine and discs,Spinal Cord and nerves,muscles of the low back,internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen and the skin covering the lumbar area. REMED