The easy and best yoga for weight loss :

Image result for image of roaring lion pose and chin-lock posture pose of yoga                                       YOGA habits help the mind to be calm and it is very much effective way to get in shape also greatly effective for weight loss.Here are some of them which will ensure you the correct way of attaining your desired body weight,if these done diligently.
1. Dhanurasana [Bow Pose] :- This bow pose helps to reduce the belly fat and tone the throat muscles,groin,the thighs,ankle,front of the body and Psoas major muscles.
2. Roaring Pose [Simhasana] :- This yoga strengthens the lungs,throat and voice and it tones the facial muscles,especially the very irritating double-chin.To perform it kneel on the floor,cross your ankles with feet point towards.Place palms on the knees,spread out palms and then press them against each knee firmly.While inhaling ,open your mouth and stretch out the tongue.Curl the tip of it towards the chin keeping your eyes wide open,ensure the throat's muscles get contracted.Then exhale through your mouth to elicit a 'Ha'sound.After that change your leg crossing and repeat the entire pose again.

3. Weight Bearing Pose [Adho Mukha Svanasana] To perform this pose stand on all fours from a table such as your back becomes the table top and the limbs the four legs of the table,then lift the hips up straighten the elbows and the knees to form an inverted-V shape with toes pointed straight ahead,keep feet hip-width apart and hands shoulder width apart.Then press your hand to the ground,stretch the neck and touch the ears to the inner arms.Hold the downward dog pose and look towards the navel while taking deep long breaths,exhale,return to the table pose and let your body relax.
4. Chin lock Posture [Jalandhara Bandha] :- Performing this easy posture devotedly will ensure that you get a defined jawline which is one of the most sought after postures for thyroid patients,one needs to lock their chin between their collarbones,on the chest,as they hold their breath.
5. Dolphin Pose [Ardha Pincha Mayurasana] :- To perform this pose get your knees and hands with your forearms on the ground align shoulders and elbows in the same line,make legs straight as you lift back and hips and truck your toes,lift your shoulders away from your ears.The shoulders blades must dig in to your ribs,hold the pose as you take three deep,intense and long breaths.It is a great posture to tone and strengthen arms,triceps,biceps,which is simple and can be done by anybody with the exception of those with neck injuries.
6. Low Plank Pose [Chaturanga Dandasana] It requires to keep your core intact and support the entire body on your hands without touching the ground.This posture helps to tone arms and strengthen biceps and triceps.

7. Half Boat Pose [Ardha Navasana] To perform this posture sit with your knees bent and torso leaned back,lift both feet until your legs are parallel to the floor,reach with arms held straight towards the feet,stay in this pose for about 30 second-1 minute.It strengthen and tone back,thighsand it improves digestion and tones the whole body.
8. Chair Pose [Utkatasana] :- It is an intense posture which strengthens the torso,lower back,tone the knees ankles,thighs and the leg muscles.This asana helps in attaining proper body and mind balance.It is a great workout for chest,hip muscles and the spine.
9. Lunge Pose [Anjaneyasana] :- This pose stretches the hips,thighs and feet .It tones the muscles,improves balance and core awareness,develops stamina and endurance in the thighs.

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