Barley or jau the desi drink which may be the key to weight loss as well as belly fat :

ofWheat background view from the top close upAlthough weight loss is not an easy task,but it is possible by dedicating through healthy eating,with healthy foods,engage in exercises or any other physical activities and a healthy lifestyle.It may look easy but it is easier said done.Following a strict diet there are certain foods and drinks that may help stimulate weight loss journey and make it slightly easier.Barley water is one of the best Stimulator .Barley is a fibre-rich grain that comes by the category of whole grains like oats and whole wheat that are known as weight loss and belly fat.Health expert vouch for barley water an effective way to lose weight naturally.
Barley is also known to reduce cholesterol levels in the body with beta glucan.Barley has cholesterol fighting soluble fiber that keeps cholesterol levels in check.It helps flush out toxins from the body if it consumption regularly.Barley water promotes weight loss as it regulates blood sugar level as it has low glycaemic index.It is also said to act as a natural diuretic which helps in digestion and detoxifies body which cleanses the gut,keeping body healthy.
The Advantage of Barley Water  :
[a] Low Calorie :-  The calorie content automatically drops significantly when barley soaked in water and strained.Have a glassful of barley water instead of picking fizzy colas and packaged fruit juices to lose weight.
[b] A healthy digestive system :- Barley helps to ensure smooth bowel movement by cleansing it as it fiber content.A healthy digestive system is the key to lose weight.That is why pick that glassful of barley water and cleanse digestive tract like never before.
[c] Barley keeps fuller for longer :- Barley water keeps stomach fuller for longer,moreover preventing from overeating or reaching out to junk food.Fuller tummy and lesser craving will only mean lesser calorie consumption and a healthy weight loss.
How to make Barley water ?
To make barley water take some barley pearls and boil until it become soft,then strain and collect the water.Make sure the water is three volumes to one volume of barley as it soaks a lot of water.Here you may add some honey or lemon juice to find taste as both are also stimulate weight loss.If you want it sweeten you may add brown sugar instead of refined sugar.Refined sugar only make anyone to gain weight.

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