Calorie burned Standing vs Walking ;

backlit, bright, dawn    Standing is a very good exercise.Any movement constitutes exercise,it has innumerable benefits by standing.During standing fat will be burning automatically,instead sitting and when you sit body's metabolism goes for a toss,but just standing can turn the tables for you.Studies show that during standing ,your body starts burning fat,but it was storing during sitting.The enzymes in blood vessels of muscles responsible for fat burning are shut off during sitting.
Standing vs Walking :
If anybody think that standing can do justice to day's walking schedule and replace it,it is not true.Although standing is surely a better habit than sitting,walking is better than standing.Standing would burn about 190 calories in an hour and sitting would burn only 130 also contribute to fat storage.Walking can burn up to 320 calories in the same time,but walking may not be possible always as standing.
Need to get up from seat :
The job compelled to sit,so it is recommended that for every 30 minutes of sitting you must stand for 10 minutes,so an eight hour shift,there would require to stand 16 times every day.
Benefits of standing :
1. Standing Burns Calories :- During standing exercise happen to muscles in legs,abdomen and butt.This expends more energy than sitting.If you incorporate standing more in your day to-day life and replace sitting with it,then look for a standing desk in office and spend at least two hours of your shift while standing,walk and talk.In conference calls,just get a headset and stand.It will be even better if you loiter around while you take the call.Watch TV while you stand.Though it may sound like a bad idea,it is a good way to make your body burn more while the mind is elsewhere.Have a wearable device that will remind you to stand more.
2. Standing Prevents Diseases :- Standing has multiple benefits like it controls blood sugar and fat level,improves cholesterol levels.A study published in the European Heart Journal showed that involved 800 participants by standing for two extra hours everyday reduced their blood sugar levels by 2% and fat levels by a whopping 11%.

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