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Woman Wearing Pink Sports Bra And Black Shorts    Leg exercises are very very important as well as upper body workouts.Focus on lower body and work towards getting Toned Legs,Thighs and Butt by supper effective exercises for both men and women which will strengthen,tighten and tone butt,quads,hamstrings and calves.These exercises will work towards body sculpting and provide advantageous benefits like relieving lower back pain,increasing metabolism,improving balance,increasing energy level etc.
The most effective super exercises are as follows :-
1. LUNGES :- This is an easy and efficient exercise to get those muscular legs.It helps in providing better balance being more functional superior symmetry,increased hip flexibility,improved glute activation,better core stability,spinal deloading and others.
Perform Lunges by standing up straight with feet hip width apart and flat on the ground,place right foot forward on the ground,heel first.Lean the body forward keeping back and upper body straight.Hold this position and lower the body until right knee is at a 90 degree angle to the ground.Keep back to the original position with right foot and repeat with the other leg.
2. SQUATS :- To perform this exercise stand straight with feet spread shoulder width apart,lower your body as far as you can by pushing hips back and bending knees.Pause then slowly push yourself back to the starting position.
3. WARRIOR [III] :- It is a yoga pose that can tone legs.To perform this exercise stand straight joining legs then lift left leg backwards with a pointed toe,bending torso in the front making a horizontal line,but don't forget to place arms at side.Hold breath for 2-3 minutes and relax back to the standing position.
4. LEG EXTENSIONS :- It is a machine based exercise,to do it choose weight and sit on the machine with legs under the pad and the heads holding the side bars.After that using quadriceps,extend legs to the maximum as you exhale.Make sure that the rest of the body remains stationary on the seat.Pause a second on the contracted position.Slowly lower the back to the original position as you inhale and repeat for the binding amount of times.
5. LEG LIFT :- This exercise can be perform by facing a wall or chair.Stand by facing a chair and raise right leg,knee facing up and place heel on the seat.Straighten it properly keeping lifted leg in the chair,bend the leg on the floor slightly ,then straighten it again.Repeat it 10-15 times then switch sides and repeat for 1 full set,perform 3 sets.
6. LEAN :- To do this exercise stand with feet shoulder width apart and the arms down at sides.With right foot take a step diagonally,then bend sideways from the waist toward the side where right leg is stretched out and stretch right arm up and left arm down then back toward right calf.Return to the starting position to complete 1 rep.


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