Image result for image of [sabja]basil seeds    Sabja[Basil]seeds is known as Tukmaria sweet basil seeds and Tulsi seeds.These seeds help reduce body heat,control blood sugar levels,relieve constipation and bloating and treat acidity and heartburn.Sabja seeds are also known to be great for skin and hair.These are rich in antioxidants and have immunity boosting properties.Basil seeds contain a lot of fiber which is good to lose weight efficiently.
Let us come to about Sabja[Basil]seeds,how it works for weight loss :-Basil[Sabja]seeds are full of fiber content which keeps stomach fuller for longer time reduces appetite,further prevent overeating and unnecessary cravings.These are also a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid[ALA]that comes from high levels of omega-3 fatty acids present in the seeds which help in stimulating the fat burning metabolism in the body.According to a study American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition,consumption of Linolenic acid daily results in fat loss.Basil seeds are low in calories and high in nutrients.A teaspoon of sabja seeds would not pack up more than two to four calories and will ensure that your body is loaded with vitamins and minerals including calcium,phosphorus,magnesium and iron along with vitamins A,B-complex,E and K-all of which are essential for weight loss goal.
How To Use It For Weight Loss :-
BASIL[SABJA]SEEDS FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND BELLY FAT :-Basil seeds are most effective when soaked in water and consumed but these are hard to chew so these should be added in water which will make them translucent and soft.Here you need to soak one to two teaspoons of basil seeds in a cupful of warm water for about 15 minutes to burn belly fat The warm water swelled up the seeds and release digestive enzymes.You may also sprinkle these seeds on drinks like lemonade and green tea or can also munch on these seeds as a low-calorie snack alternative.Add it to your soups and salads.
N,B :- Ladies who are pregnant and children should avoid eating these seeds because children could choke on them,if they are not mixed well with water.Moreover,basil seeds are believed to reduce the levels of oestrogen in the body.So consult with a doctor and make sure that you are pregnant or suffering from other health condition to avoid any complication.

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