The Best And Easy Exercises To Tone Flabby Arms :

Woman Showing Muscles    It is very important to build arm shape perfect with body movement.The word stubborn describes arm fat justly.However  there is a moment of hesitation when you want to wear sleeveless dress or a tube top.If you want to tone your arm here are some easy exercises that you can do at home easily,these are as follows :-
1. Shoulder Press :- To do this exercise stand with feet shoulder width-apart with dumbbells in both hands as suitable weights as for you.At this point elbows should be out at 90 degree angle with dumbbells by your shoulders.Then extend your hands from your elbow taking the weights above your head and come back to the starting position with repeating 10-15 times.
2. Bicep ;- To do bicep exercise stand with feet shoulder width-apart with weights in both hands,bending from your elbow and bring your fist to your shoulder.Repeat it alternatively from both hands 10- 15 times.
3. Arnold Press :- Stand with feet hip width-apart with weights in hands bringing arms up and join hands right in front of face with your fists facing outside.Then making a semicircle with both hands.Take your hands directly above your head and come back to the starting position,repeating 10-15 times.
4. Arm rises front :- Stand with feet hip-width apart with hands by your side and raise right arm up to your shoulder level,keeping it straight also do same with the other hand repeating 10-15 times.
5. Kettlebell swing :- Stand with feet hip-width apart holding the kettlebell with both hands right in the center of your legs and bend a little from your knees and swing the bell up with both hands above your head  repeating 10-15 times.
6. Around world :- Stand with your feet hip-width apart with your hands by your side with weights and raise both hands by making a semi circle on each side,taking your hands directly above your head,come back to the starting position repeating 10-15 times.
7. Hammer curls :- To perform this exercise stand with your feet shoulder width apart with weights in hands and bending your arms from your elbows bringing your fists towards shoulders,do it alternatively with both hands repeating 10-15 times.

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