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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Aerobic and Cardio Exercise are the best way to stave off the effects of Aging :

Smiling people doing power fitness exercise at yoga classAs the people becoming Age,there are two forms of exercise which are most important to focus on,Aerobic exercise and Cardio,which gets heart pumping and sweat flowing and Strength Training which helps keep Aging muscles from dwindling over time.
                                         AEROBIC EXERCISES FOR ANTI AGING :
1. JOGGING :- Aerobic exercise such as Jogging may help reverse some heart damage from normal aging.Aerobic exercises may guard against age related decline because of reduction brain connectivity.When people become age,the brain and any other organ begins to work less effectively,so signs of decline start to surface.The memory might not be quite as sharp as it once was.Older people who develop Alzheimer's disease often first enter a Stage Known As Mild Cognitive Impairment,which involves more serious Problems With Memory,Judgement and Language.
2. CYCLING :- Cycling may protect immune system from some age related decline.It strengthen the muscles and lower levels of body fat and cholesterol.The thymus glands of the cyclists looked as if they belonged to younger people,their bodies were producing just as many T cells as would be expected for a young person.Encouraging people to commit to regular exercise throughout their lives is a viable solution to the problem that we are living longer but not healthier.
                       CARDIO EXERCISES :
[A] WALKING AND SWIMMING :- There may be a powerful link between walking and swimming,and a lower risk of dementia.Regular walking and swimming help to lower risk of heart problems.
[B] PLANKS AND SQUATS :- Other types of strength training can include moves by planks and squats.Its most basic strength training involves using weight to create resistance against the pull of gravity.That weight can be own body,barbells,dumbbells,weighted ankle cuffs and elastic bands.
[C] TAI CHI :- Strength training moves such as tai chi are the best for preserving muscles from age related decline.Resistance or strength training can take many forms but typically involves a series of movements geared toward building or preserving muscle.Tai chi is a Chinese martial art which combines a series of flowing movements,is one form of strength training.This is performed slowly of focus and attention paid to breathing deeply.
[D] BETTER LOOK AND SKIN :- Cardio exercises may improve the look and feel the skin soft and shining with strengthening and developing the core power lower and upper body respectively.Thus helps to stave off the effects of aging.

Friday, 28 September 2018

Important Habits That Will Keep Heart Healthy And Strong.World Heart Day 2018 :

artistic, blossom, brightThe 29th September,this day is celebrated as the World Heart Day every year by with aims to increase awareness about heart problems.Cardiovascular diseases including heart stroke and attack are a serious matter as they cause million deaths each year.Amazingly Cardiovascular Disease is a preventable condition and the tried-and-tested methods of eating a healthy diet and exercising can do a long way in protecting from it.
                   The Ways Or Habits That Keep Heart Healthy And Strong Preventing From Diseases :
1. EXERCISE :- Regular exercise can help to lower risk of heart diseases.Running,walking,jogging,   yoga etc.are very useful for healthy heart,but before doing it consult there need to consult a doctor.     Fitness Expert Can Opt for a high intensity exercise routine for protection from heart disease.Engaging in high intensity exercise in youth can lower blood pressure and risk of developing   heart disease later in life.Excess heart age is lowest among adults who sleep 7 hours out of 24 hours.
2. NEVER SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF :- The type A people are prone to get stressed out which can causes a spike in hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol that influence the heart rate and blood clots.Instead of it try to see the silver lining and laugh more which will release feel good endorphins.
3. EAT HEALTHY :- Mediterranean diet which is lower risk of stroke and protect from potential heart problems.Study shows that the diet reduced the onset of stroke by 17% in adults with women seeing a greater reduction of 22%.Moreover,you can also consume chia seeds which cut down cholesterol from the body and blueberries to reduce risk of heart disease.
4. SLEEP WELL :- The excess heart age is lowest among adults who sleep 7 hours of 24 period.So stick to the 7 hours mandate though because sleeping more or less than that can be counterproductive and increase heart age according to studies.Catch the forty winks because they can keep heart young and healthy.
5. AVOID SMOKING :- Hench smoking increases the risk of heart damage Exposure to Secondhand Smoking is not Healthy.Smoking can increase the risk of strokes by about 20 to 30 percent.
6. MANAGE DENTAL HYGIENE :- Heart disease linked with gum disease as it is caused by bacteria which can enter the bloodstream and damage blood vessels.It can also cause blood clots that eventually result in heart attacks.So consult with doctor regularly and brush teeth politely wit flossing twice a day.
7. MAINTAIN SALT :- Sodium is vital in maintaining blood pressure ,but Excess Intake Of Salt Can Raise Blood Pressure Levels.High blood pressure in turn can strain heart and blood vessels.                 Therefore,it is the best to avoid eating foods that are high in salt,be it frozen foods canned or processed.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Arms And Abs Exercises Which Can be Done At Home Or Gym :

Image result for arm and abs exercises imageIt is well known that some particular exercises can help to tone the body as well as Arms and Abs with regular practice by following the specific routine.and most of all want to tone their arms and abs .So here are some important exercises to tone arms and abs as following :-
[i] PUSH-UPS ON KNEES :-This is a traditional exercises,these are helpful for strengthening upper body.It can help the beginners slowly progress towards doing push ups on toes.
[ii] PUSH-UPS :- Everybody aware of marvelous health benefits of Push-Ups.This exercise help to build the upper body strength,also helps in strengthening lower back core and abdominal muscles.Push-Ups work on shoulders,triceps and pectoral muscles.
[iii] TRICEP KICKBACK :- This workout targets the triceps and is great for sculpting and toning of arms.Tricep kickback helps trim body fat and increase Physical Strength of body.
[iv] TWISTS :- This exercise is also known as Russian Twists which is a great core exercise and works on the entire abdomen.It improves flexibility and body balance.
[v] STAR JUMPS :- It is an Aerobic or Cardio exercise that is helpful in overall toning of the body.These are helpful in burning more calories,building stronger muscles and improving coordination.
[vi] BENT OVER ROW :- This is an exercise which involves great compound movement and it trains back to be stronger,more firm.It increases muscle mass and bone strength,so it decreasing the risk of illness or injury.
[vii] :- COMMANDO :- These workouts are excellent  for improving response rate of muscles and muscle precision.This exercise requires a great deal of body balance,a successful Commando workout session enables to be in better control of body.
[viii] STRAIGHT LEG RAISES WITH LEG LIFTS :- It is a great exercise to strengthen hip muscles which helps in improving functional strength and can be helpful in reducing belly fat.Straight leg raises with leg lifts makes the exercise more challenging,advanced and beneficial.
                           The above mentioned exercises very helpful to tone abs and arms.To perform these exercises it needs to be done in 10 reps each.This meant maximum rounds per exercise in order to rep maximum benefits from each exercise in the workout routine.To do these exercises you need Yoga mat and Dumbbells.

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Surprising Benefits of Pilates :

Fit class exercising at fitness studioAccording to experts Pilates is complementary to exercises.It is not going to provide Cardio vascular benefits but an addition to exercise.It is not bearing a weight exercise,It focuses on core strength abs,hips and back.
Pilates was originally devised by Joseph Pilates and he was basically unfit and unhealthy.That is why the exercises he devised were to strengthen his body and core.These are based on the movements that the physiotherapist would instruct.Pilates exercises are meant to heal and were performed on the mat.
[A] Tones the body
[b] Improved co-ordination
[c] Strengthens muscles
[d] Better posture
[e] Increases flexibility
Pilates help him/her that can not stand due to a back injury to get back on their feet since one can do Pilates while lying on the back.These can strengthen core muscles and help to get a better posture and the best part is that with Pilates,exercise all the muscles group including the small muscles which tends to get ignored with weight training.
To perform Pilates you need to warm up for these and cool down too just like any other exercise.You exercise all muscle group with Pilates.You are not bulking up with Pilates,but get a toned physique instead.It needs to be practiced in a gym especially if you practice Pilates on a reformer.Mat exercise can be practiced at home You need to do Pilates 3-4 times in a week according to experts.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Exercise and Diet plan to lose weight at home :

body, body man, burpeeIt is well known that regular exercise followed with a healthy Diet leads to effective Weight loss.A workout circuit when repeated three to four times a day along with a healthy Diet plan can help to lose almost 4 kilos in a month.
Following are some most important exercises that help you to lose weight at home easily and naturally :-
1. BURPEES :-It is just like an exercise which can help you with be it weight loss,stamina,or endurance,toning and building strength.For this exercise you should have to stand straight with your feet hip-width apart and jump in the air pulling feet apart ,both the hands up in the air,go down with hands just in front of feet on the ground while kicking feet back and arms straight like a plank position,jump back to the starting position,and repeat it 8-10 times.
2. PLANK CRUNCHES :-To perform this exercise come in to a plank position with your elbows on the ground and fingers clenched together.After that,push your hips upwards,just the way you do in a downward dog position and come back to the plank position repeating 10 times.
3. PLANK PUNCHES :- For this exercise come in to the plank position with your elbows on the floor,keeping the right hand on the floor,punch from your left hand in the front,perform the same with the right hand and repeat it 20 times with each hand.
4. PLANK TWIST :- To perform this get in to the plank position with your elbows on the floor,keeping your body in the same position,start moving from your torso towards your right and left without touching the floor and repeat it 30 times each side.
5. LATERAL JUMPS :- For this exercise,stand straight with your feet together and fist clasped.Jump a little and take your right leg behind your left bending a little from your torso and keeping the left leg at the same position.Do the same on the other side and repeat 10-15 times on each side.
6. JUMPING JACKS :- It is easy to perform and one of the most effective exercises.Stand straight with your feet a little wide apart,taking a jump,open your arms and widen your legs,come back to the starting position.Do this with as high intensity as you can and repeat it for 25 times.
7. REVERSE LUNGES :- To perform this exercise take one leg backwards instead of front,make sure both your knees from an angle of 90 degrees and your back is straight when you are in the position.
8. SIDE HOPS :- Come on your fours and keeping hands at the same position move your lower body with a jump first towards your right hand and then left.It should be repeated for 15 times on each side.

Monday, 17 September 2018

Minerals And The Body :

Variety of fresh organic vegetables isolated on whiteVitamins and Minerals are the basic need for a healthy body.These are important part of our dietary requirements which must be included in our every meal.Like Vitamins,our body needs some important Minerals which can be obtained by eating their food sources.Minerals help the body to grow,provide strength and helpful for blood circulation.Minerals are the best part of proper nutrition.A mineral rich diet helps in getting through the day and manage the cholesterol,blood pressure levels.Getting these Minerals from food sources is the natural ways instead of getting them from mineral supplements.
Following are the list of important Minerals which can help to keep fit and healthy :-

[a] CALCIUM :- Calcium is helpful for a great deal to build and maintain strong bones.It is one of the best important minerals for bone and tooth health.Calcium regulates blood pressure and controls cholesterol levels.Calcium protected from diseases like Insomnia,premenstrual problems and Arthritis.Calcium helps in case of obesity,issues related to the heart,kidney and acidity.Green leafy vegetables,broccoli,salmon and dietary products are calcium rich foods.
[b] ZINC :- Foods rich in Zinc are oats,almonds,cashews, kidney beans,chickpeas,yogurt and chicken breasts.Zinc makes body strong enough to heal wounds and fight diseases.Its basic purpose is to immune the body against Eczema,infections,night blindness and prostate disorders.Deficiency of Zinc lead to a poor immune system and even poor sperm quality.So it is the most important mineral when it comes to ensuring a strong immune system.
[c] SODIUM ;- Foods rich in Sodium are salted peanuts,pickles,buttermilk,pineapple and watermelon.Salt remainsto be the richest source of Sodium.Sodium is an inorganic mineral that has many functions.It helps in maintaining the level of body fluids.Sodium helps in balancing the blood pressure level of the body when taken in a limited amount.It fuels the nervous system,protects from heat strokes and helps the body to absorb glucose,amino acids and chloride.

[d] MAGNESIUM :- Foods rich in Magnesium are fish,avocados,bananas,yogurt,and leafy vegetables.Magnesium is an inorganic mineral which helps the body to function properly through enzyme catalyzed reactions,strengthening bones and maintaining a healthy bone structure,control sugar level and stress free mind,reducing Anxiety.It is an excellent mineral to reduce inflammation and aid to symptoms of insomnia and depression.
[e] POTASSIUM :- Potassium helps in processing carbohydrates and building proteins in the body.It ensures that oxygen travels to each organ of the body and that the body gets a healthy cardiac blood flow.It protects from any problems related to the heart.Potassium works its magic on the blood vessels.
[f] IRON :- Iron take the most important part to form hemoglobin and increase the number of red blood cells in the body.It helps in proper circulation of blood and oxygenation.Iron helps the oxygen to travel across all organs in the body.Include plenty of iron in everyday diet to prevent anemia and loss of blood cells.Foods rich in iron are Pumpkin-seeds,chicken,chickpeas,oysters and raisins.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Tips To Control High Blood Pressure Immediately :

Workout in a fitness gymHigh Blood Pressure is a dangerous health condition since it does not show symptoms but it can lead to Heart Attacks and Strokes if it left untreated.The risk factors of high blood pressure include lake of exercise,smocking and overweight.Exercising with right routine and correct intensity can help in keeping high blood pressure under control.
                            Exercise Tips for High Blood Pressure :
[a] YOGA :- Yoga helps in reducing blood pressure.It has many health benefits like Knee Pain,Ovary Syndrome and Polycystic diseases.Breathing exercises in Yoga and Meditation can help control high blood pressure.
[b] MODERATE LEVEL EXERCISE :- The patient with high blood pressure need to follow the right exercise regime in order to keep blood pressure under control.Regular exercise of minimum of 30 minutes can help in keeping blood pressure under control.It is very very important to build up Stamina gradually and get in to extremes of exercising.
[c] ISOMETRIC EXERCISES :- These are strength training in which the joint angle and muscle length do not change during contraction.They done in static positions rather than being dynamic through a range of motion.Doing these exercises which involve gripping a device which gives resistance with hand,can be helpful in reducing high blood pressure.Other exercises like Cycling,Dancing,Jogging,Climbing Stairs and swimming are commonly believed to be beneficial for controlling high blood pressure.Moreover active sports like basketball or tennis and household chores such as scrubbing the floor,gardening etc are helpful for controlling high blood pressure.
[d] RESISTANCE TRAINING :- Strength Training is helpful in reducing high blood pressure.It around twice or thrice in a week can help in lowering blood pressure.Avoid Lifting too Heavy Weights or doing exercises which require constant change of position.
Regular exercises can help to maintain a healthy weight which is an effective way of keeping blood pressure under control.It is only 1-3 months that regular exercise will show an effect on blood pressure.These benefits long for as long are regular with exercising routine.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

Surprising Health Benefits Of Celery Juice Which Should Start The Day With It :

Fresh green celery isolated on whiteCelery juice is a potent source of vitamins C,A and K which is rich in beta-carotene,phytonutrients,iron,calcium,phosphorous,magnesium and potassium.It is a lesser-known nutritious plant food.When consumed it as a vegetable it can prove really healthy and if it consumed as juice it is more beneficial for the body,which carries 40 calories and a complete package of nutrition with taste and health.
Most of people start their day with a cup of tea,warm water,milk or green tea.Like these drinks,Celery juice also be recommended as the first liquid in the morning in empty stomach which contains detoxifying properties that cleanse the body of all germs and toxins right in the morning.Celery juice is great for stomach and related health problems.
     The Surprising Benefits Of Celery Juice :
[a] Lowers Blood Pressure :- Celery juice contains a nutrient known as phthalide which is highly present.This nutrient helps in relaxation of muscles in blood vessels,so lowering levels of high blood pressure.It has anti-hypertensive properties which help in increasing the blood flow in the body.
[b] Gut Problems :- The main Gut Problems is the inability of the stomach acid to break down the food one eat.It causes indigestion and Acidity.Mineral salts which help in the absorption of food and enhancing digestion,that minerals are in celery juice in rich.It helps in enabling the stomach acid to work faster which preventing Gut Problems.
[c] Cleanses The Body :- The nutrients in celery juice help in cleaning Kidneys as well as Liver.Celery juice has detoxifying and cleansing properties through which the entire body gets cleansed and hydrated.It helps a huge deal to get rid of bad bacteria,viruses,fungi and other toxins from the liver.Phytonutrients which is presence in celery helps in protecting the liver and body from external impurities.
[d] Improves Heart Health :- The nutrient Phthalide contains in celery juice helps in lowering cholesterol levels in the body.It is good for heart health.The juice contains high levels of coumarins which help to reduce the stress hormones in the body,thus reducing symptoms of hypertension.It also enhances the cardiovascular system of the body by expanding blood vessels and celery can prove to be helpful in preventing plaque build up in arteries and preventing strokes.
[e] Enhances Sleep Patterns :- Celery juice has soothing pr operties which help in getting a stress free and relaxed sleep at night.Containing magnesium in celery juice makes it a good drink for improving sleep patterns.
[f] Fights Thyroid And Cancer :- The minerals of celery juice cleansed the Epstein-Barr virus found in thyroid.In cases of Hypothyroidism,celery juice boosts the production of thyroid hormones.These are the benefits of celery juice which can be a great liquid for health.
                       How To Make Celery Juice?
It is very easy to make a glass of celery juice.To make it take 2-3 fresh stalks of celery and clean them off by removing the leaves,and churn the stalks in a juicer and gulp down the produced juice from it.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Relieve Stress And Anxiety By Simple Ways :

Woman And Man Sitting on Brown Wooden Bench    At present time Stress and Anxiety are common experiences for most people in this world for their extra busy schedules in day to-day life.At about 70% of adults say that they feel Stress and Anxiety daily due to a lot of pressure of their busy schedules.To get rid of Stress and Anxiety here are some simple and easy ways as follows ;
1. Reduce Caffeine :- Caffeine is found in tea,coffee,energy drinks and chocolate.Using high doses can increase Anxiety.How much caffeine can tolerate it would have different thresholds of people.If caffeine makes jittery or anxious,consider cutting back.Though a number of study show that Coffee can be healthy in moderation,it is not for everyone.The moderate amount considered in general,five or fewer cups per day.
2. Exercise :- The most important things you can do to relieve from stress and anxiety is going with exercise.Exercise might seem contradictory but putting physical stress on body through exercise can relieve mental stress.Benefits of exercise are strongest when you regularly do exercise.People who are going with exercise regularly are likely to experience Anxiety than those who are not in exercise.It lowers body's stress hormones such as cortisol in the long run,helps release endorphins,which are chemicals that improve mood and act as natural painkillers.
Exercise improve sleep quality,which can be negatively affected by stress and anxiety.If you do exercise regularly,you may feel more confident in your body,which in turn promotes mental well being.
3. Consider of Supplements :- A number of Supplements promotes Stress and Anxiety reduction.Some of the most common ones are as below :-
[a] Omega-3 fatty acids :- Study showed that medical students who received Omega-3 fatty acids experienced a 20% reduction in Anxiety symptoms.
[b] Green Tea :- It contains many polyphenol antioxidants which provide health benefits.It may lower stress and anxiety by increasing serotonin levels.
[c] Ashwagandha :- It is a herb used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat stress and anxiety an effective herb suggested by a number of studies.
[d] Kava Kava :- It is a psychoactive member of the pepper family.Long used as a seductive in the South Pacific,which is increasingly used in Europe and the US to treat mild stress and anxiety.
Some supplements may interact with medications or have side effects.So if you have a medical condition,you should consult with a doctor before do it.
4. Candle Lighting :- Using burning a scented candle or essential oils may help to reduce stress and anxiety.The soothing scents should be selected like Rose,Lavender,Bergamot,Vetiver,Roman chamomile,Frankincense,Neroli,Ylang Ylang,Sandalwood,Geranium and Orange or orange blossom.By using scents to treat your mood is called aromatherapy.Aromatherapy can decrease anxiety and stress and improve sleep.
5.Gum Chewing ;-It is a super easy and quick stress reliever .A study showed that people who chewed gum had a greater sense of well-being and lower stress.It causes brain waves similar to those of relax people and it promotes blood flow to brain.Stress relief is greatest when people chewed more strongly.
6. Write It Down :- To handle stress is to write things down,while recording what you are stressed about is one approach,another is jotting down what you are grateful for.Gratitude can help relieve stress and anxiety by focusing your thoughts on what's positive in your life.
7. Laugh :- When you are laughing it is hard to feel anxious which is good to health.In the long term,laughing can help to improve Immune System and mood.Try watching a funny TV show or hanging out with friends who make you laugh.A study among people with cancer found that people in the laughter intervention group experienced more stress relief than those who were simply distracted.
8. Spend Time With Friends And Family :- Having strong social ties may help you get through stressful times and lower your risk of anxiety.
9. Learn to Avoid Procrastination ;- Prioritize what needs to get done and make time for it.Staying on top of your to-do list can help ward off procrastination related stress.
10. Say No ;- Try not to take on more than you can handle.Saying no is one way to control your anxiety and stress.
11. Practice Mindfulness :- Mindfulness practices can help you to lower symptoms of depression and anxiety.
12. Join a Yoga Class :- Yoga is widely used for stress reduction,which may help lower stress hormone levels and blood pressure.It has become a popular method of stress relief and exercise among all age groups.
13. Listen Soothing Music :- Slow paced instrumental music can induce the relaxation response by helping lower blood pressure and heart rate as well as stress hormones.Listening to soothing music you like can be a good way to relieve stress.
14. Cuddle :- Hugging,kissing,cuddling and sex can all help to relieve stress and anxiety.Positive touch from cuddling and sex may help lower stress by releasing oxytocin and lowering blood pressure.
15. Spend Time With Pet :- Interacting with pets help release oxytocin,a brain chemical that promotes a positive mood.It is a relaxing,enjoyable way to reduce anxiety and stress and improve your mood.
16. Deep Breathing :- Deep breathing activates the relaxation response.Multiple methods can help you learn how to breath deeply.There are several deep breathing exercises,including diaphragmatic breathing,abdominal,belly and paced respiration.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Benefits Of Jogging :

Woman in Gray Crew Neck Shirt Running on Brown Soil during DaytimeThe word Jogging when it applied in the field of health,it has many health advantages,for them who are not accustomed with rigorous exercise,it comes handy.It is an imperative exercise for everybody.Jogging is essential to warm up before a major run.
Benefits Of Jogging :
[a] Jogging is good for cardiovascular health.
[b] Jogging improves blood flow in the body.
[c] Jogging helps in weight loss and weight management.
[d] Jogging helps build stamina and endurance.
[e] Jogging is good for bone health.
[f] Jogging helps in keeping a check on cholesterol when it done regularly and coupled with balanced diet.
[g]Jogging enhances lung capacity and the process of respiration.
[h] Jogging helps in relieving stress.
[i] Jogging prepares for more intense and vigorous activities.
[j] Jogging strengthens muscles.
                                     Running vs Jogging :
A number of fitness experts suggest jogging as an activity done at a pace of 6 mph or lesser,anything beyond that would qualify as running.Apart from slower pace,many other factors come in to differentiate jogging from running.
Jogging is feet's contact with the ground is the maximum whereas when you run,it involves minimum contact between the feet and ground.That is why jogging is more weight bearing when compared to fast pace running.From sprinting you can develop more muscles and burn calories,but jogging gives you that endurance,builds up your stamina and gradually preps your muscles for faster and longer runs.This low intensity exercise can be taken up by all,and could be an effective tool for Weight Loos.It is not harsh on your body.If your goal is to maintain your weight and stay in shape,Jogging can be your best bet,but if your diet is unhealthy,all will go to a waste and you may never end up seeing any better results.
Jogging is the best way to start your fitness routine,just 30 minutes of jogging can do so much for your body.At the very beginning you may start by a light 15-20 minute jog and gradually increase the pace or the duration.After two or three weeks you are prepped to take up your first run.Start with half a kilometer and play around with your pace,distance or the duration.All in all,it has to be progressive,consistent and teamed with a balanced diet.
As mentioned above,Jogging is harder on your soles,which makes it imperative to jog on softer track,preferably on mud tracks.Avoid concrete tracks completely.30 minutes of jogging on treadmill is fine,not beyond that.Jogging builds up stamina and helps with your endurance level,if you seek better results keep a watch on your diet and aim to increase your distance by 10% every week.If you jog for longer distance you can even start increasing your pace.

Sunday, 2 September 2018

Exercising And Dieting But Not Losing Weight : National Nutrition Week 2018 ;

Woman Measuring Her WaistTrying to lose weight you are going with regular exercise with healthy diet but unable to lose weight mean that you are not doing right these 5 things .
This week from 1-7 is celebrated as the National Nutrition Week to generate awareness about eating right for good health by month of September.If you are practicing exercise regularly and on a diet but unable to lose weight or feeling fit then it may not be the right exercise and diet for you.
The reasons of not losing weight :
Here are some reasons what may be wrong with you :-1. Potion Size :- Measure the portions of food your are eating by a digital scale.You may not realize but you could be eating multiple servings of even healthy foods which could lead you to pile up the kilos.
2. Changing Diet Frequently :- Stick to a particular diet for at least three months to see result.Going on fad diets every few days can be counterproductive and may actually cause to gain a lot more pounds in the long run.If diet excludes too many food groups,it may not be the best option and if after a few months,you do not notice any change in weight,you may as well as go back to earlier diet.
3. Consumption Of Diet Drinks :- Soda,mean Diet soda could actually be making you gain weight.These contain artificial sweeteners that can raise your insulin levels and lower blood sugar,making you more hungry and likely to overeat.
4. Going Cheat Days ;- These are bad for your long term weight loss goals.It's not practical to binge-eat in a short period of time.It can be even ruin your diet and weight loss progress for the week.
5. Exercise Routine Makes Eat More :- If you have a heavy workout then it insist you to eat more,dieters often make this mistake of eating too much food.You are likely to overestimate the amount of calories you burned.Instead,plan your pre-workout and post workout meals in advance so that you don't give in to temptation.